Bathroom Decorating Updates

bathroom decorating ideas

I’ve put together some decorating ideas for those bathroom spaces, incorporating some of the latest looks. From statement floors and feature walls, through to celebrity bathroom inspiration…

Create a statement look

One sure-fire way to impress your guests is to introduce a captivating statement look into your bathroom. Introduce a feature wall or a statement floor – something that will catch your guest’s eye as they walk through the door. Moroccan tiles are perfect for creating this effect as they consist of striking, elaborate designs – sometimes geometric, sometimes efflorescent.

azulejo moroccan pattern tiles

Do it like the A-listers

When it comes to fashion, trends tend to come from what the celebrities wear (both on the red carpet and in their day-to-day lives). With that in mind, we’ve put together a Top 10 of Celebrity Bathrooms, to help you recreate the A-list look in your bathroom, without paying A-list prices. Cameron Diaz, from My Sister’s Keeper, has gone for a glitzy, metallic look in her bathroom. The shimmering wall tiles have a shabby, tarnished appearance. For a similar look, without paying a designer fee, try our Hellion Tiles. Read more here: Top 10 Celebrity Bathrooms.

cameron diaz bathroom

10 bathroom decorating ideas and looks

To help you choose a decorating scheme for your bathroom, we’ve put together a gallery of 10 inspiring bathroom pics. Scroll through, and click on the text at the bottom when you see a design you like!

Go bespoke

Add interesting, bespoke artefacts into your bathroom to help create a unique look. For example, rather than having an Imperial Leather hand soap dispenser, make your own! Get an empty bottle of Jack Daniels, sit a soap dispenser inside, and there you have it. An interesting talking point, full of vintage character. Your guest will get back from the bathroom and say, ‘Oh I love your soap dispenser! Where did you get it?’

Another great way of adding a personalised, bespoke look into your bathroom is to spell something out with Scrabble Tiles! Julia created the word ‘WASH’…

Scrabble Tiles bathroom wash

Cleaning your bathroom tiles

There’s nothing more embarrassing than a guest going into your bathroom and being faced with unsightly black, mouldy grout joints between your tiles. Thankfully, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide for scrubbing up those grout lines, and making them look like new! Best of all, you can do it with things from your kitchen cupboard!

cleaning bathroom tiles

Pour some bleach and bicarbonate soda into a bucket or a container. Mix until you have a paste. Using protective gloves, apply the paste onto an unwanted toothbrush, and work it into the grout lines. You can also scrub it over the surface of the tiles. Leave it to soak in for an hour, and then rinse it off with your shower head. You’ll be left with clean, disinfected tiles and grout joints! For more tips, visit our post on how to clean bathroom tiles.


We hope you’ve found these ideas useful! Next week, we’ll be looking at decorating the living room.



Cameron Diaz bathroom – Pinterest


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