Bathroom Ideas for 2016

When it comes to updating your bathroom scheme, you want to choose a look that’s on-trend. We’ve taken a look at 2016′s hottest bathroom ideas. Bring yours up to date, ready for those festive guests!

Black & White

The colour scheme of your bathroom is something you can be stuck with for years to come, simply refreshing with new towels and seasonal accessories; it’s important to choose a theme that will not date quickly. The striking contrast between black and white makes everything appear a lot more refined, making it apparent that very few colour schemes come close to classic black and white.

Monochrome schemes are not only timeless and adaptable to any design style varying from the Nostalgic Victorian approach through to chic, contemporary and minimal; they are also very accepting of accent colours, metallic often found on baths/showers/taps open a friendly door for a splash of your favourite hue to inject a little life into the interior.

Silver works great with most colours of the rainbow, especially red. However, if you’re lucky enough to have copper fixtures a mix of rich, vibrant greens would make an exquisite statement.


A checkerboard floor is a timeless classic. It helps to break up any floor space – no matter how vast. Combined with a textured mosaic effect on the wall, you’ve got yourself a fantastic monochrome scheme.


The hexagonal trend has risen to prominence over the last year or so and now it’s a major staple in the world of interior design; appearing in the swankiest establishments and homes throughout the UK. Above, our Allegory Hexagon Tiles have been used to create a patterned honeycomb design.


Floral schemes never go out of date, either. These Isadore Tiles by Laura Ashley consist of a dense, scrolling vine pattern which fills the wall space with a powerful, decorative efflorescent design.


Why not mix two trends together, by combining timeless metro tiles with eye-catching Moroccan floor tiles? Our Galena Tiles consist of a monochrome patchwork design.

Visual Impact: Geometrics

In 2014 the feature floor became increasingly popular and it doesn’t look like it will be leaving the world of interiors any time soon. As we enter 2016 interior design is all about making a personal style statement, and what better way to achieve this in your bathroom than by using Geometric tiles; from subtle delicate designs, through to vibrant colours and shapes with gold adornment, there is a style for everyone.

For smaller bathrooms a feature floor can add a strong character and definition without over powering the space, alternatively in large bathrooms the overall effect of a feature floor can actually come across quite elegant, helping to collate widely spaced fixtures.

For some people that visual impact needs to be a little more overwhelming as soon as they walk into a room, using geometrical patterns to create a feature wall will create that personal statement you require to show your style to guests; if you’re after a more completed look, try using the floor tiles on one wall! Whatever your choice is don’t be scared to include these geometrical wonders, see them as a work of art!


Once again, our Allegory Hexagon Tiles make an appearance. The decor tile from that hexagonal range consists of a striking variety of geometric patterns, and is perfect for piecing together a room-stealing feature wall.


Create a colourful patchwork display on your bathroom wall with the addition of our striking Geometro Tiles. A bevelled metro tile with a variety of colourful patterns and designs, they’re ideal for brightening up a plain bathroom wall.



One of our most powerful and visually striking tile collections, these Harika Tiles allow you to whisk yourself away to Morocco with their intense Arabesque designs in three ‘views’; far, close and closer.



Our Belleza Tiles also allow you to piece together a striking geometric design. They consist of a ‘provenzale’ shape design – also known as the lantern shape. They slot together perfectly to create a charming, exclusive floor display.


It is often said that people can touch by using only their eyes, by including texture on your walls you can enhance the crisp lines of your stylish bathroom suite; everything in your bathroom works together to achieve balance and rhythm, even the most subtle of wall textures can aid the creation of an inviting bathroom.

With a variety of textured surfaces now available for bathrooms from seductive wave designs through to embossed patterns, each taste is catered for and holds endless possibilities even when built into the smallest of bathrooms.

Even monochromatic bathrooms can include a great deal of character and definition by using textured tiles from floor to ceiling; watch as both natural and artificial light shimmer across the surface composition not only reflecting glittering rays of light but creating shadows and intensifying the shape and form built into the wall.


Our Chrysos Marble Effect Tile range includes the raised undulating tiles you can see in the backdrop in the bathroom above. They help to break up what would have been a series of very flat wall spaces.


These hexagonal Elation Tiles have a mottled, textured design with lines grooved into the surface of the tile; helping to highlight the pattern.


These mosaic effect tiles consist of raised, bead-like ovals in a shimmering, glossy finish. They glisten like fish scales, and help bring a wall area to life.


Along with hexagons, circular designs are also going to be popular, moving into 2016. These Sologne Tiles consist of raised circular bubbles – in both plain white and illustrated finishes.

Soft and Natural

Often bathrooms are seen as a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, a sanctuary to hide from the woes of our daily lives; if this resonates with you then perhaps the soft and natural trend is your cup of tea for a calming 2016.

Natural materials often bring an organic feel to an interior as they inspire a sense of well being, whether it’s the delicate colour palette or soft flowing textures that make this theme appeal to you, be sure to follow through with accessories that bring added charm, enhancing a completed room for you to unwind in.

From natural tumbled limestones with elegant marbled hues, through to detailed wood effect tiles available with anti-slip finishes stopping you slipping out of the bath once you’re forced to come back into the real world, we’ve got this trend covered.

soft natural elicit tiles

With their lifelike stone effect design, our collection of Elicit Tiles is perfect for injecting a natural appearance into your interiors. Their soft cream colour helps to add a soothing, calming ambience.


When it comes to injecting the natural look into a bathroom or shower room, you could try our ever-popular Ferrara Travertine Tiles. They can be used on both walls and floors, and are made from natural travertine.



Similarly, our Tavrezh Tiles have a realistic travertine effect design, which generally has a more linear design than your every day stone.


Wood effects are a classic when it comes to decorating floor areas – and non come more stylish than these Vintage Wood Tiles from our Louisa Charlotte Collection.

We hope these 2016 decorating themes have given you some inspiration when it comes to bringing your bathroom up to date in time for Christmas!


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