If you're looking to bring your bathroom to life this year, and you'd like to bring it up to date with the latest decor trends, you've come to the right place! I've put together the hottest Bathroom Ideas for 2017!


carrara marble effect tiles

Above: Veneto Marble Effect Tiles


Relax in style with these Bathroom Ideas for 2017

The bathroom is the place where most of us like to unwind after a stressful day. We can lock the door, fill up the tub, light a few candles, soak, relax, and feel all the stress and worries of the day wash away. This much-needed 'me time' is best enjoyed in a stylish, well decorated setting. So do away with blistered lino, dated tiles and mouldy grout lines! It's time for a new look, and I've put together 2017's most sought after decor trends...


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1) A Touch of Marble

Synonymous with a luxurious, voguish, hotel-styled look, marble will continue to be a major decor trend throughout 2017! It's loved for its characterful veining; with unique black lines swishing this way and that across a white canvas. Natural marble is fairly costly, though, and it requires sealing and cleaning. That's why, for a cheaper and zero-maintenance alternative, designers are starting to choose realistic porcelain alternatives. There are hundreds of lifelike marble effect tiles to choose from; some with a trendy hexagonal design!


Marble Effect Tiles

Above: Sasso Stone Effect Marble Tiles


2) Reclaimed Wood

The reclaimed wooden look has really risen in popularity over the last twelve months, and throughout 2017, it will continue to grow! There's something about reclaimed, re-purposed wood, and the mix of colours and textures, that really gives a wall space some personality. Again, whilst natural wood can be quite costly, reclaimed wood effect tiles offer a more affordable alternative. If you really want to embrace 2017's trends, use a herringbone layout with those flooring planks.


how to fix floor tiles

Above: Rustic Blue Wood Plank Tiles


3) Hexagonal Honeycomb

One of my favourite bathroom ideas for 2017 is the hexagonal look. With design trends steering away from traditional shapes and layouts, the six-sided hexagon has become a major player! It's used in furniture, accessories, and even wall and floor coverings! In 2017, designers will continue to use hexagon tiles in bathroom spaces, and there are dozens of designs to choose from. Hexagonal mosaics are perfect for creating a simplistic splashback behind the bathroom sink, whilst black and white clay hexagons can be used to create a period floor space.


hexagon tiles bathroom 2017

Above: Rokkakkei Hexagon Tiles


4) Colour Schemes: Warm and Cool

Copper Elements: When it comes to prominent colours for 2017, copper is still a favourite! This metallic hue is perfect for injecting some warmth into the scheme of your bathroom. There are hundreds of copper accessories available this season; from taps and bath tubs, through to pendant lights and laundry baskets. One trend is to stop hiding copper piping, and instead to have it on display; showing off those warm, shimmering tones! You won't be surprised to here that there are Copper Tiles, too.


pizzazz eco friendly mosaic tiles

Above: Pizzazz Hexagon Mosaic Tiles


The Teal Appeal: An aquatic mix of green and blue, teal is a colour that isn't going anywhere in 2017. Designers have been using this refreshing hue to transform bathroom spaces for over a year now. If you want to bring it into your home, you could start with rugs, towels, toothbrush holders; little things. Or, for a bolder look, try Teal Tiles to create a feature wall or splashback. Choose from brick shaped metros and mosaic designs.


teal metro tiles

Above: Antique Crackle Metro Tiles in Varenne Teal and Monceau Teal


Mix the two: The thing about teal is that it works splendidly with copper tones. Together, the colours create a balance between cool and warm. Without the coldness of teal, a copper scheme might look too warm. Without elements of copper, a teal scheme might look too cool. So expect to see these two together in bathrooms throughout 2017.


teal tiles bathroom

Above: Antique Crackle Metro Tiles with Rustic Blue Wood Plank Tiles and Wooden Split Face Tiles.


5) Add Some Greenery

I love the trend of inviting plants into your bathroom. With the idea of 'bringing the outdoors in' so prominent, plants are a great way of creating a natural ambiance - a scheme that will help you feel closer to nature and, thus, more relaxed when you're soaking in the tub! Plants also help to brighten the place up by injecting pops of colour. Not only this, but they produce oxygen, which helps us recover and rejuvenate. So nip out to the local garden centre, buy some spider plants, and dot them around the bathroom! If you're a notorious plant killer, ask the staff which plants require the least care.


bathroom plant


6) Textured Wall Spaces

A major surface trend in 2017 is texture, and I can see why. What's more like to impress your guests as they step into your bathroom? Flat, plain, smooth wall spaces, or textured surfaces that are full of character? The latter, right? When it comes to injecting texture into a bathroom wall, Split Face Tiles are king. They consist of strips of slate of wood that are different lengths and thicknesses, and have been stuck together to create a staggered, gruff, multi-leveled design. Use them to create a feature wall in your bathroom! There's even a reclaimed wood effect split face design.


wood split face tiles

Above: Wooden Split Face Tiles


7) Encaustic Charm

Starting with colourful Moroccan designs a couple of years ago, the current patterned floor trend has been around for a while. In 2017, things are taking a traditional turn, with Encaustic Tiles becoming the next big pattern trend. Dating back hundreds of years, encaustic designs are traditionally made by cutting pieces of coloured clay into inter-twining shapes, slotting them together to create a patterned square, and pouring concrete onto them to create a firm base.

Encaustic Tiles grace the floors of grand period homes across the UK (the likes of Downton Abbey). As you might expect, they're quite expensive. So, to invite the encaustic look into your bathroom in 2017, you might like to opt for Encaustic Effect Tiles instead.


encaustic effect tiles

Above: Ornato Bella Tiles


There you have it - the trendiest bathroom ideas for 2017. Will you be inviting any of these into your home? Let us know over on Facebook or twitter, or tag us on Instagram @wallsandfloors.



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