The Benefits of Using Tiles Outdoors

The summer time is a great time to spend as much time as possible outdoors either relaxing or entertaining and enjoying the light and warm nights.

If you are looking to make the most of your garden this season and update your external style, then tiles are the perfect solution to inject style, quality and practicality.


1. Durable and hard wearing

Exterior tiles are made of porcelain, which means they are highly durable. In addition to this most of our exterior tiles are 20mm thick which it at least double that of a regular tile, which adds to the durability (most also have the maximum wear rating PEI 5). Meaning that these slabs can withstand the footfall and traction of patio furniture, children’s toys and BBQs
Porcelain is a non-porous material – which means you won’t need to seal it before use and will be able lay these outside and be safe in the knowledge that they will be fine throughout whatever weather the UK throws at them!
Rainwater wont absorb into the material, freeze and crack the tile, and with the higher than average anti slip ratings they are not going to be slippery and dangerous in the snow, frost and rain – giving you extra peace of mind that these tiles can be left outside all year round.

2. Design Choice

Tiles give you the freedom to create your own style in your gardens. With a wide range of stone effect, quarry effect, slate effect or even wood effect – tiles offer a great variety of options to help you unlock your dream home.

3. Easy to maintain

Porcelain tiles don’t need the level of maintenance that natural products do. They can be looked after with pressure washers or just outdoor brushes and water.

The benefit of wood effect tiles as opposed to natural wood id that it won’t got rotten, stain, attract mould or fade in the sunlight. In addition it is a lot less slippery in the wet weather. Meaning they will look their best for longer – without the need for regular maintenance and expense

If you are considering updating your outdoor area then tiles can be the perfect solution to unlocking your dream Garden.

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