Blend the Home and Garden with Planate Indoor Outdoor Tiles

Planate stone effect outdoor paving slabs

Upsizing is more costly than ever before, so it’s a growing trend to make use of the external spaces already available by integrating them into usable living space. This idea of creating a seamless transition between the home and garden has never been more popular and to aid with the process, Walls and Floors have launched their collection of Planate Indoor Outdoor Tiles.

Made from extremely durable porcelain, these floor tiles have an on-trend concrete effect design and a subtle matt finish.

The most popular way of creating a seamless indoor/outdoor look is to have a floor covering in the interior space that continues, at the same height and level, outside in the exterior area. A bi-fold door is usually installed, if budget allows, to help decrease the interference between the two spaces.

Planate Indoor Outdoor Tiles have been specially designed so that there’s a 9mm thick indoor tile with a matching 20mm thick outdoor tile. The indoor tile is used up the exterior boundary, and the outdoor tile takes over from there.

What’s the benefit of this? It’s more difficult to install a thick floor covering inside the home, but for the covering to continue outdoors, it needs to be thick and sturdy. This range, therefore, solves that problem, by providing a traditionally thinner tile for the interior space, and a matching thicker tile for the exterior space; resulting in a perfect seamless transition with none of the hassle.

The collection has 6 stylish colours to choose from; from cool and calming greys, through to warm browns and darker anthracite tones.

Price: From £29.95 / Sqm
Material: Porcelain
Suitability: Floors – Internal and External
Finish: Matt
Size: 595x595x9mm and 595x595x20mm

To visit the range online, click here: Planate Indoor Outdoor Tiles.