Brick Tiles: A Tile For Every Style…

metro tiles statement floor

Brick-shaped tiles are the perfect option if you’re looking for a practical and decorative wall covering that combines elegant simplicity with a touch of retro style. Here’s a complete guide…


With a kaleidoscope of more than 40 colours, two available sizes and flexible design options, ceramic bevelled-edged Metro tiles are an interior designer’s dream. Combine them with patterned floor tiles to recreate a classic period look or lend an Eastern-inspired atmosphere – the secret is in how you choose to style the modern and versatile canvas these tiles provide. Tiles above: Metro 200×100 Tiles and Galena Floor Tiles.

harmhouse brick tiles kitchen


Whether your preferred theme is English farmhouse chic or Parisian vintage, Walls and Floors’ wide selection of rustic and crackle-effect Metro tiles allow you to create a nostalgic setting in any kitchen or bathroom space. Simply team with a convincing wood-effect floor tile for a luxurious, antiqued approach. When it comes to styling this kind of scheme, the key is to stick to sentimental items that add an upcycled feel or an opulent touch. Tiles above: Country Cottage Metro Tiles.

brick slip effect tiles


Choose natural-looking, brick-effect tiles to provide your home with a modern warehouse-style wall in any room. Walls and Floors’ ever-growing selection of brick-slip designs delivers realistic textures and colours along with a highly authentic finish that complements both contemporary and traditional interiors. Whether you want to enhance that sought-after organic feel associated with raw materials by combining with wood-effect tiles, or even inject a little industrial luxe by pairing with a concrete-style floor covering, this diverse design option allows you to create a kitchen or bathroom that’s bursting with unique character. Tiles above: Old Millhouse Brick Effect Tiles.

marble brick mosaic tiles


Brick tiles also come in miniature form; natural mosaics have uniformity of size and classic colour, allowing you to create a sophisticated and calming foundation that works beautifully with a modern minimalist scheme. Mixing materials will also add instant opulence; many of the natural stone mosaics from Walls and Floors are teamed with both textured and plain glass, providing immediate jewel-like characteristics – perfect for creating a sumptuous splashback in both kitchens and bathrooms. Tiles above: Polished Marble Mosaic Tiles.

herringbone bathroom floor tiles

So there you have it – an introduction to the world of brick tiles, and the endless style possibilities that they offer! Why not order some sample tiles, and see what works well in your home?



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