Now that Autumn is here and Summer is becoming a distant memory, we're not so able to venture out and enjoy the outside world. The days are growing shorter, and there's a nip in the air. So why not invite the outdoors indoors, this September? They can help you to create a cosy space you can enjoy throughout the Autumn and winter. Bring in those warm wood effects and golden, brown rustic stones. Transform your kitchens and bathrooms; as well as your bedrooms, dining rooms and living areas. Creating the natural look indoors is going to remain to be an interior trend throughout the coming years; so you'll continue to have a stylish and up-to-date home whilst your friends' will age and go out of fashion.


Sunny stone effects

Capture the warmth of the summertime all year round with our selection of realistic stone effect tiles. They're the perfect way to bring the natural look into your home without breaking the bank. We offer a selection of natural tiles, but they're not as affordable, and can require a lot of treatment and maintenance.




Warm wood effects

Reclaiming an old wooden floor can cost several hundreds of pounds - going in to thousands. Laminate chips and wears very easily - and it bulges around the edges if any moisture finds its ways into the cracks. Tiles are the perfect choice, when it comes to achieving the wood effect in your home. They're cheap, easy to install, and last a lifetime. Unlike natural wood, they don't require all the treatment, and they don't scratch as easily. Here are a few of our favourites!





A huge trend this Autumn is the idea of stripping back the luxurious decor to revealing the old, weathered face beneath. It's an effect that has been adopted by some of the most stylish restaurants and shops in the country. So these Antique Wood Effect Tiles fit right in! They'll give your floors an aged, characterful look - perfect for bringing some warmth and charm into your home throughout the cold months ahead.




Will you be embracing the rich natural look in your home this winter?



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