Top 10 Tiles For Your Lounge Or Living Areas

When decorating the living room, it’s easy to overlook the possibility of tiling. We’re so used to hanging wallpaper and laying carpet that we just don’t consider it. But the fact of the matter is, all the trend-setters are inviting tiles into their lounges and living areas. Here are a few likely house guests:

1) Oak Tile

Part of the Rustic Wood Tiles range, this stunningly realistic oak-effect tile featured in a recent edition of Channel 4’s Grand Designs Magazine; and it’s been taking the UK by storm ever since. It looks incredibly authentic; with ridges sunken into the surface of the tile, and raised knots. As you can see in the image, this tile looks very at home in the living area.

Tangier floor tiles

2) Tangier Floor Tiles

These eye-catching Tangier Floor Tiles will transform dull living room floors into artistic centrepieces. Made by celebrated designer Louisa Charlotte, the stunning pattern will capture the imagination of your guests.


3) Splitface Tiles: Perfect for Living Areas

Create a unique and inspiring display in your living room with these fantastic Splitface Mosaic Tiles. Made from lengths natural slate, they will give a textured, contemporary appearance to your walls. They’re available in several shades; from the dark and modernistic, through to the light and ambient. There’s a Splitface Mosaic Tile for everyone.


4) Vintage Wood Tiles

Vintage is back, and better than ever! These Vintage Wood Tiles will bring a stylish parquet finish to your living room floors. Wood effect flooring is all the rage this year, and they don’t come much more realistic than this! They have grains and knots in the surface of the tile; giving it that rich authentic feel. They’re also more durable than real wood.


5) Country Farmhouse Multi-Colour Slate Tiles

Bring the country look into your living room with these gorgeous multicolour Natural Slate Tiles. The stunning blends of brown, red and grey will deliver character to the room. The Country Farmhouse look is extremely trendy this year.


6) Crocodile Tiles

One of the most intriguing designer tiles you could add to your lounge this year is the Crocodile Tile. The gloss ceramic wall tiles are made to give the impression of reptilian skin. It’s available in both black and white; so you can either choose a dark, modernistic approach, or a light, chic look. It will give a really unique finish to your home.


7) Obra Wood Mix Tiles

Obra Wood Effect Living Room Tiles

These gorgeous wood effect tiles will give your lounge warm and rustic feel. It can make even the pokiest of rooms seem much larger.

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8) Bergamo Natural Limestone Tiles

Right now, interior design is all about the natural look. So why not invite these Bergamo Limestone Tiles into your living room? Their light colour will add an embracing, ambient feel to your home. They have scattered fossil and vein markings; making every tile completely unique.

Living areas tiles

9) Crystalline Effect Polished Porcelain Tiles

These marble effect tiles are ideal for living areas and the dining room. The warm colours will add a rich feeling to your home, and make you the envy of friends and family. The gorgeous blended patterns are extremely realistic and typical of marble; with wavy lines draped across the surface of the tile. There’s both a wall tile and a floor tile.

There you have it – some stylish ideas for transforming your living areas!

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