Week 6 bring your holiday home with you


Our #SummerOfDIY 6-week guide to transforming your home continues! Each week throughout the summer, we’ve shown you how to update a different area in your home – with the aim of getting your house ready for a fantastic garden party on Bank Holiday Monday. An event where you can invite all your friends and show off your home’s fresh new look. So far, we’ve covered the garden, kitchen, bathroom and living room. This week, we’re looking at incorporating themes from your summer holiday into your interior décor scheme.


Moroccan Magic: Creating an Arabesque Scheme

If you’ve spent some time in Morocco or similar Arabesque locations this summer, you’ll no doubt have fallen in love with their stunning décor schemes; colourful, elaborate geometric and efflorescent patterns. Everywhere you turn, you’re greeted by captivating patchwork designs that transform plain wall spaces into decorative features and floor areas into room-stealing, eye-catching displays. Bring some of this awe-inspiring Mediterranean charm into your home this season, and capture that powerful patterned look in your own interiors.


tangier moroccan wall tiles


Moroccan Tiles are a great way to bring the unmistakable Arabesque look into your home. They’re affordable, easy to install, and are hard-wearing and long-lasting; often adding value to a house. Our selection of Moroccan Tiles is vast; covering everything from tessellated geometric designs such as the Moresque Encaustic Naklo Tile range, through to the striking multi-coloured patchworks found in the Zellij Tile range. We even have a collection that embraces the popular Marrakech provenzale shape, or ‘lantern shape’ – an interlocking design, suitable for both walls and floors. Create your own feature wall or statement floor, and collect the compliments from friends and family.


Country rustic: Create a traditional look

If you skipped Morocco on this occasion and spent some time holidaying in a country cottage, then you might have fallen for the rustic, rural aesthetic. That wholesome, traditional look is the personification of an escape from the contemporary, chrome-panelled face of modern living. It’s a stripped-back, purer appearance that reminds us of rolling countryside and farmland; mental images full of rural, rustic charm.




So how should you go about stapling this rustic look into your home? Well, it’s rather simple:


Firstly, choose a natural-looking covering for your floor. You could go for a realistic wood effect tile (which are more hard-wearing than natural wooden floorboards, and don’t require constant treatment and maintenance). Our Rustic Oak Tiles are incredibly lifelike – their textured surfaces alive with a detailed woodgrain effect. Alternatively, you could choose either a natural stone (which will require treating) or an equally realistic stone effect option, instead. When it comes to creating rustic country charm, we recommend using our multi-sized natural Roquefort Limestone Tiles (shown above).


Secondly, when it comes to tiling the kitchen, choose a tile with an aged, bumpy, rustic effect, rather than going for a smooth, plain surface. Country cottages demand texture. Our Rustic Metro Tiles give just the effect we’re talking about! Alternatively, for a European look, consider including some Delft Tiles, which have motifs depicting windmills, boats, houses, etc.


Add some bulky wooden furniture. The heavier, the better. Country cottages don’t hold back, and neither should you. Strip the paint off any overhead beams and give them a coat of varnish to bring the colours out.



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