So the Summer months are drawing to a close. Soon, the Autumn will be setting in. The leaves will turn brown, the trees will grow bare, the skies will cloud over, the temperature will drop, and any faint glint of our sunny vacations abroad will be nothing but a distant memory. But that doesn't have to be the case. Not anymore. With a captivating selection of Moroccan wall and floor tile designs now available, you can create a Mediterranean getaway in your very own home. A little gem of Arabesque glitz and glamour that you can escape to all year round.




But which room will you choose to transform? Moroccan Tiles are incredibly versatile. The combination of striking colours and elaborate, intricate detailing translate very well when introduced to modern kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.


Introduce the Luxurious Marrakech look into your Lounge

At the end of a hard day's work, there's nothing like kicking back in the living room - flicking through the TV, and lounging on the sofa. Not only is the lounge a place for relaxation, but it can also act as a social hub for entertaining your guests - whether you're enjoying a movie, a meal, or a conversation. So why not replace those dull, plain magnolia walls with some enchanting and exotic Marrakech designs? Create a stunning feature wall - a powerful focal point, for your visitors to glare at in wonder, as they're transported to a captivating Mediterranean wonderland.


arabesque moroccan decor wall tiles


These stunning Fiore Tiles carry a repetitive, contrasting diamond pattern; consisting of brown and cream shapes, with a floral-esque leafing design draped across them. These Mediterranean Tiles are perfect for bringing a bland wall space to life.


Don't forget about those floor areas. Replace those lifeless, uninteresting carpets and laminates with captivating Marrakech-themed floor tiles. Piece together a striking statement floor in your living room.




A real collage of different colours and patterns, these Majorelle Tiles will bring a truly defined look to any floor space. With floor tiles as powerful as these, you can afford to accessorize with plain and simple furnishings.




Equally as captivating are these Zellij Patchwork Effect Tiles. A complex combination of encaustic effect patterns, they will bring your living room floors to life.


Welcome the spice of Moroccan life into your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. Whether you're fixing your breakfast, putting together a packed lunch, grabbing a coffee, doing the ironing, or slaving away over a delicious cooked meal, you probably tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen; and most of it will be spent carrying out laborious chores. Wouldn't it be nice to escape to a colourful oasis in your head, whilst you're carrying out these tasks? A place blessed with the baking sun, and alive with voguish, ritzy and extravagant patterns, every way you look. Create the Moroccan effect in your kitchen, this season.




These strong, distinctive Beldi Tiles have a charming encaustic effect design, with a somewhat medieval flavour. They're ideal for creating a colourful upstand above a kitchen surface.




Alternatively, use these pastel-coloured Patchwork Mosaic Effect Tiles to transform an entire kitchen wall. A magnificent mix of different designs, the tile's surface is alive with texture. They're similar in design to colourful, collaged Mexican Tiles.


moresque encaustic effect moroccan tiles


Why not add these Moresque Encaustic Effect Naklo Arabic Tiles to your kitchen floors? This lively Moroccan theme is perfect for drifting off to a far away paradise, whilst you're washing the dishes.


Create an Arabesque Oasis in your bathroom

The final room in our holiday hit-list in the bathroom; another room we, as a nation, spend a lot of time in. From long, relaxing lay-downs in the bath, through to lengthy scrub-downs in the shower, the bathroom is a place to cleanse, rejuvenate and recover from a long and stressful day in the big wide world. So why not make it a little more personalised? Why not create your very own slice of happiness - a room you can truly unwind in. A room that allows you to escape from it all, in your mind? A room that lets you slip off to a dazzling nirvana, filled with sunshine and colour.




Ideal for adding a little monochrome magic, these Arabesque-themed Zeinah Floor Tiles have appeared in the likes of Living etc and Real Homes. They're ideal for creating an escapist bathroom floor, full of geometric eccentricity.


So what do you make of the Moroccan theme? Will you be bringing your holiday home with you? If so, which room will you be transforming into a lavish Moroccan get-away?



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