Bringing the Outdoors In

As we’re spending more time indoors, it has become important to maximise our connection with nature in order to create a healthy mindset and home. The outdoor/indoor look can be easier (and less expensive) to achieve than you might think…

Here at Walls and Floors, we’ve put together a few helpful tips on how to achieve this look:

Powerful plants

Plants are the most obvious way to achieve the indoor/outdoor look. Vibrant and alluring, they help to create a healthier atmosphere as they absorb toxins from the air and aid in stress relief. They make a stunning contrast against neutral-toned walls, and they add a tactile element for the perfect finishing touch to a room.

Here are some examples of plants that are easy to maintain (and hard to kill!):

> Snake plant
> Succulents
> Spider plant
> English ivy
> Aloe vera

capella gloss carrara white and grey marble effect tiles

Above, Cappella Gloss Carrara Marble Effect Tiles

Go green

Inviting some elements of green into your home is another simple way to achieve this look. Whether it’s a vintage Victorian-style splashback or a bold, statement floor, this colour is sure to transform any room into a soothing, zen environment!

Below, our Plush Victorian Green Crackle Tiles are bold and intriguing and, if you look closer, you’ll see a stunning crackle throughout the surface, giving them a vintage look.

plush crackle glaze victorian green tiles

Above, Plush Victorian Green Crackle Glaze Tiles

Natural materials

Wood, wicker and stone are great elements to introduce into your home to create a natural look. If you’re looking for something that’s lower in cost and maintenance, take a look at our wood and stone effect tiles. Made from ceramic or porcelain, they’re durable and hardwearing with a stunning, authentic design.

burghal steel stone effect grey tiles

Above, Burghal Steel Stone Effect Tiles

Tantalising textures

Bring home the natural allure of the outdoors by introducing texture. At Walls and Floors, we have some stunning tiles available in a range of textured tiles that replicate the look and feel of nature – bumpy, undulated surfaces, ribbed patterns and split-face effects can really make a statement!

gea carved textured linen tiles

Above, Gea Carved Linen Tiles

Maximise natural light

Natural light can automatically improve your mood during the day and can help you get better sleep at night – it’s also an easy way to make your space feel bigger, brighter and more open than it is.

If you’re lucky enough to have a skylight or a large, open window space then utilise it – clear away the clutter from the window sill, pull the curtains open and enjoy the natural boost that sunlight brings. If you have less window space to work with, then try organising furniture as close to the light source as possible.

greenwhich green gloss tiles

Above, Flat Greenwich Green Gloss Tiles

Why not bring the inside out?

Why not create a relaxing space outside for you and your guests to enjoy? Outdoor living has become increasingly popular as more people have begun to socialise with friends and family in the garden due to the restrictions put in place by the pandemic.

Check out our blog on the 5 Outdoor Living Trends to Make the Most of Your Garden.

Above, Mist Grey Concrete Effect Porcelain Paving Slabs

What do you think about the idea of bringing the outside in? Will you be trying this trend? We’d love to see your take! Tag us in your projects on Instagram @wallsandfloors.

Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson