Can You Spot the Difference? Win a £50 voucher weekly

Everybody loves a Spot the Difference puzzle! And this month, that’s exactly what our competition is going to be. Each week throughout September, we’ll provide you with a different Spot the Difference puzzle. You have to spot 5 differences, and email them across to The puzzles will run from Monday-Sunday, and then the winner will be announced on the next day before the next puzzle is put up. We’ll pick one correct entry to win a £50 Walls and Floors voucher each week! Perfect for giving your home a mini makeover.

Week Four: Monday 22nd – Tuesday 30th September

This is the current Spot the Difference. Can you spot 5 differences? The winner will be announced Wednesday 1st October. Answers to:

spot-the-difference-7 spot-the-difference-8

Send your five differences to: Answers to: Need a clue? Just ask, over on Facebooktwitter or Google+ and we’ll give you a little hint!

The below images are from previous weeks, and cannot be entered.

Week Three: Monday 15th – Sunday 21st September – NOW CLOSED

This week’s winner was John Lamb! We have sent him a £50 Walls and Floors voucher to use for his next decorating project. Can you spot five differences between these two images, just for a spot of fun? The answers are revealed under the two pics.

spot-the-difference-5 spot-the-difference-6


1) The plant on the table transforms completely.

2) The left towel on the rail also changes.

3) The picture hanging above the bath turns from a red flower to a yellow one.

4) The toilet brush in the bottom left corner has a colour change.

5) The tap on the sink morphs into a different style.

Week Two: Monday 8th – Sunday 14th September – NOW CLOSED

The winner of Week Two’s Spot the Difference competition was Amanda Freye. We have now emailed her with a £50 Walls and Floors Voucher to spend on her next decorating project. Can you spot the 5 differences, for a bit of fun? The answers are revealed below the two images.

Spot-the-difference-image-1 Spot-the-difference-image-2


1) The shoes to the left-hand side change colour and style.

2) The blind over the window on the floor completely changes.

3) Another phone appears on the unit on the right-hand side.

4) The picture that is reflected in the mirror disappears.

5) A wooden chair appears at the end of the table.

Week One: Monday 1st – Sunday 7th September – NOW CLOSED

The winner was Carina Dicks! We have now emailed her with a £50 Walls and Floors Voucher to spend on her next decorating project. Can you spot the 5 differences, for a bit of fun? The answers are revealed below the two images.

Spot-the-differance-3 Spot-the-differance-4


1) A glass jug disappeared from the bottom shelf.

2) The glass on the worktop is now empty.

3) A cup disappeared from the sink’s draining board.

4) The jug on the top shelf changed colour.

5) A tile on the right-hand side turned from white to grey.

BONUS DIFFERENCE: All the tiles shifted to the left.

What do you think to this month’s Spot the Difference competitions? Do you like the fact we’re hosting a different one each week? Did you find it too easy, or too difficult? What would you spend your £50 Walls and Floors Voucher on, if you won? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+, or leave a comment below!



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