Caroline’s Farmhouse Kitchen – Rustic Metro Tiles

Caroline was the recent winner of one of our ‘before and after’ competitions, and she won back the cost of her tiles! This was her winning entry – the transformation of her kitchen! The room went from something quite bland and ordinary to something stylish and extravagant, thanks to the introduction of some Rustic Metro 30×10 Tiles and a few other gorgeous additions!

Grey metro tiles farmhouse kitchen

The farmhouse look

Perhaps it’s the hustle and bustle of modern-day city life that makes so many of us dream of escaping to the countryside, and retiring to some quiet rural farmhouse. Sadly, for most of us, the dream is exactly that – a dream. However, thanks to the trend of creating a country-styled kitchen, we can afford ourselves a little slice of countryside life after all!

Caroline created exactly that – a vintage-styled farmhouse kitchen, where she can escape from the tech-mad rush of everyday life. The kitchen is widely regarded as the social hub of the home. It’s the space where we fix breakfast with our loved ones in the morning, it’s the area where we chat with friends over a coffee, and it’s the place where we dish up a family meal at the end of the day. It’s even the room where we un-cork a naughty bottle of wine when it’s been a long week.

The kitchen is all these things and more, so it’s important to keep it looking fresh and interesting, and a country scheme is a fab way of achieving this!

Grey metro tiles farmhouse kitchen

How to master a country scheme

Creating the country look is easy. Firstly, add some rustic woody surfaces – such as Caroline’s lovely worktops and island. Secondly, on the floor, go for either rustic wood effect tiles or some modular flag stones! On the walls, it’s all about bumpy-faced tiles. Caroline opted for our Rustic Metro 30×10 Tiles. They have an undulating surface, which gives the illusion of age and character, and ties them in perfectly with a vintage-styled scheme.

Top tip: Flowers are a must in a farmhouse-themed room. Real countryside homes are usually surrounded by an abundance of gorgeous wildflowers and rosebushes, so there’s always a vase sitting somewhere, filled with colourful foliage!