It was 1987 when the first Walls and Floors showroom opened in Kettering. From that, we have grown to be a nationwide company with a huge distribution centre, a fleet of trucks, and a vast professional workforce. We're the leading online tile specialists - processing thousands of orders every single day.


To celebrate 27 years in the business, we're letting you peak behind the curtain. We're going to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of the company - following your order from beginning to end.


It takes place here, at our main headquarters:






1) Sourcing the product

Walls and Floors travel the world; constantly on the lookout for the latest trends. We know how our customers like their houses to be up-to-date! We find the highest quality items at the best prices - allowing you to bring that must-have look into your home for a reasonable price.


2) Bringing them in

Once we've found the most stylish tiles for the most affordable prices, they're brought in to our Web Development Team.


3) Taking the pics

Part of the Web Team, our photographer takes a few pictures of them. She'll experiment for a while - making sure she picks up on all the details, and ensuring she captures the truest colours of the tile, so that you get the best impression when you view the tile online.

4) Putting the tiles online

Once the pictures have been taken and Procurement have supplied all the details, the Web Development Team can go ahead and list the tiles on the website. They add all the bare-bones of the tile such as; measurements, the grade, whether it's suitable for underfloor heating or not, and then our Content Writer creates a descriptive piece on the appearance of the tile.




5) Ordering a sample

You come to our site, and browse through the 6,000 tiles our Web Development Team have uploaded. You like a few, but you can't quite decide on one. So you order some full-size sample tiles, which come with Free Delivery. Your order is sent down to our Samples Department, who go out into the warehouse and pick the tiles you want to take a closer look at. They wrap them up, and send them for delivery!


6) Calling in

You've got your sample tile. But you're still not sure about something. You need to ask a question. So you call us, and speak to our friendly and professional Sales Team, who help you with your every query! Altogether, there's over 500 years of tile-related knowledge in the building, so we'll get your question answered! Once you're satisfied, you can either place your main order right there on the phone, or you can come back to the website to place your order online.



7) Processing your order

Whether you've ordered online or over the phone, your order comes through to our Customer Service and Processing Team. They process all your details, and send the order down to the warehouse to be picked!

8) Picking and packing

Once the warehouse receives your order, the pickers get to work. They head out in their fork-lift trucks and picking machines, locate your tiles, and retrieve the required amount. Then they wrap them on pallets, making them nice and secure, and put them in the docking bay, ready for delivery!





9) Loading the truck

Next, your order, safely wrapped up on a pallet, is moved by fork-lift onto one of our fleet of Walls and Floors trucks, or one of our other trusted courier vehicles. Then it's driven cross-country, and delivered directly to you! Come rain or snow.




Thank you for joining us on a tour of Walls and Floors, and thank you for supporting our company throughout our first 27 years in business! We look forward to the next 27 years.



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