#CountdownToChristmas 5 Weeks To Go: Kitchen Ideas

Countdown to Christmas kitchen

With just 5 weeks left in the #CountdownToChristmas, we’re turning our attention to those kitchen spaces. We want to help you get your kitchen looking its best, in time for the arrival of your festive guests – but also, we want to help you adopt a style you can enjoy for years to come! We’ll look at 2016’s most promising kitchen trends, we’ll show you one of our favourite kitchen transformations, we’ll look at 10 celebrity kitchens and show you how to create the look for less. We’ll even serve up a couple of delicious festive recipes, and will show you how to make decorative fruit hangers to liven up your kitchen! Let’s get started…

2016 kitchen trends

Like to keep up with the latest interior design trends when it comes to decorating a room in your home? We do too! That’s why we’ve trawled through 2016′s hottest kitchen ideas and trends, and we’ve put together a briefing, to help you incorporate some of your favourites! Read through our summary of 2016 Kitchen Trends.

2016 kitchen trends

Show us your kitchen transformation and you could win an iPad Air 2

Here at Walls and Floors, we love nothing more than to see the finished results of what our tiles helped achieve. That’s why we’re hosting our Before and After competition. We’re asking customers to take a snap of their room (or outdoor area) before they start decorating, and then one of their completed project, once the tiles are in place and all the little finishing touches have been added. Our favourite transformation will win an iPad Air 2!
To enter the competition, send before and after pictures of your tiling project to inspiration@wallsandfloors.co.uk by Sunday December 20th 2015. On Monday 21st December, we’ll choose our favourite and will send out the iPad Air 2 in time for Christmas!

Kitchen Customer Project

A former winner of one of our former Before and After competitions is the transformation above. It features an old chimney stack, which had been incorporated into part of the kitchen work surface area, but due to its light colour, blended into the background. Using our coloured blue metro tiles, the owners were able to turn it into a fantastic focal point that draws the eye the second you walk into the kitchen. If your kitchen is missing the wow factor, sometimes all it takes is a striking splashback to help capture the eye.

10 Celebrity Kitchens

When it comes to creating the most on-trend and extravagant schemes in our homes, celebrities are as good a place as any to get some inspiration from. So when it comes to piecing together a voguish kitchen, it makes sense to look at the kitchens of some of the world’s biggest stars from the worlds of movies and music. We’ve put together 10 of our favourite celebrity kitchen designs, and we’ll made suggestions as to which of our tiles you can use as affordable alternatives to the celebrity’s designer brands.

Bruce Willis Kitchen

The kitchen of Bruce Willis’ Central Park apartment is lined with endless scores of flat, elongated white metro tiles. Metros allow for a classic, timeless look – and the colour white helps paint connotations of freshness into a room, whilst making it seem brighter and larger, too. For a similar metro tile without a celebrity price tag, try our Rhian Matt Blanco Tiles.

Dream Colour Schemes

We know what it’s like when you’re flicking through a paint chart. There are just too many colours to choose from, and you can’t settle on a colour scheme for your decorating project. That’s where our Dream Colour Schemes come in. Louisa Charlotte, our exclusive in-house designer, has pieced together some fabulous colour schemes to make things easier for you, when it comes to decorating your kitchen this season. There are a handful of fantastic colour schemes to choose from, making the choice much simpler; and assigned to each colour scheme is a paint palette, a tile or two, and some accessories featured within the room sets to help you complete the look.

Kitchen colour scheme

For a cosy scheme, you might choose ‘Ooze’. It consists of a base of warm, earthy browns with a bright, zesty pop of yellow to help liven things up and keep them fresh and interesting. To see more, visit our Dream Colour Schemes section.

Cook up some festive recipes

If you’re having guests round this Christmas, or in the weeks leading up to it, you’ll want to serve up some delicious festive treats! As ever, here at Walls and Floors, we have you covered! We’ve put together a selection of tasty festive recipes, to help you spoil those taste buds this Christmas season! From Banana Cake and Sticky Toffee Hot Chocolate through to Candy Bits and Chocolate Roulade, you’re guaranteed to find something you like the look of in our Festive Recipes section.

Festive recipes to cook up this Christmas

How to Make: Fruit Hangers

When it comes to putting Christmas decorations up, the kitchen can sometimes get a little bit left before because it’s such a practical working space, and every square inch of table-top counts. That’s where our Fruit Hangers come into it. Made from slices of dried-out fruit, they make for eye-catching Christmas decorations; hang-able from cupboard door handles, and perfect for introducing a festive, cinnamony fragrance into a kitchen space. For a step by step guide to making your own, click here: How To Make Fruit Hanger Christmas Decorations.

Hanging Fruit Decorations for Christmas

10 Fantastic Kitchen Hacks

We’ve all heard of ‘life hacks’ – a phenomenon that has grown on the internet over the last couple of years in which simple solutions are introduced for annoying, age-old problems. We’ve trawled through the depths of the internet to find you the 10 best kitchen hacks. They entail everything from suspending a drying rack on string above your sink, so that it uses less space and drips into the sink, through to embedding your kitchen roll dispenser in an unused drawer cavity.

Hang bottles from pole

This is one of our favourites though, for its sheer simplicity. Take an extendable curtain pole and fit it in the cupboard under your stairs. Then, from it you can hang your endless selection of sprays – Domestos, Windowlene, etc. Simply hang them from their trigger and there you have it – you’ve cleared up the base shelf for other things!

Visit our our list of TOP 10 KITCHEN HACKS.

Tile layouts: Add interest to your walls and floors

When it comes to working with rectangular wall or floor tiles, you start to obtain the freedom to experiment with your layout. You can break away from the traditional row-after-row design, and you can start to create more interesting, eye-catching patterns. One such pattern is Herringbone parquet; which has dominated kitchen layouts throughout 2015, with thousands of metro tile splashbacks abandoning the traditional brick-wall pattern and adopting this captivating, criss-crossing design.

Kitchen herringbone splashback layiout


10 Quick Kitchen Updates

Want to freshen up the kitchen, ready for those yuletide guests, but don’t want to spend too much time or too much money? We have the perfect option for you! We’ve put together 10 quick kitchen updates to adopt in your home this season, ready for Christmas. From adding a simple tiled splashback, through to hanging pendant lights and introducing a chalkboard for some playful fun. Explore our 10 quick kitchen updates.

Victorian hexagon tiles

Why you need metro tiles

Metro tiles and kitchens go hand in hand. But why? Well firstly, they’re small, light, and are easy to work with! They’re perfect for creating a stylish splashback in that slim gap between the work surface and the under-belly of the overhead cupboards. Metro and brick shaped tiles also come in dozens of different design variations; ideal for tying in with whatever theme you might be trying to create. If you’re going for a shabby chic look, try antique crackle tiles or rustic metros. If you’re going for a classic, traditional look, try the classic bevelled metro. If you’re going for a sleek, modern approach, try a smooth, unbevelled elongated Rhian tile.

red metro tiles kitchen

At Walls and Floors, we have more colours of metro tile than any other retailer online – allowing you to get the shade that perfectly matches your scheme, or your personality! Visit our post for more Reasons Why You Need Metro Tiles.

Create a Scrabble Tiled Splashback

Scrabble Tiles are a great way to personalise your interiors. A series of ceramic tiles modelled on the traditional board game, they cover every letter in the alphabet; allowing you to spell out absolutely anything! As well as being perfect for standing on a shelf, or being used as a coaster, Scrabble Tiles can be fixed to a wall as part of a tiling display; so why not use them as part of a kitchen splashback behind your cooker or sink?

Scrabble tiles splashback



Brick and hexagon Splashback – Pinterest

Bruce Willis’ Kitchen – Pinterest

Life hack with hanging bottles – Pinterest

Herringbone splashback – Pinterest

The rest – Walls and Floors




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