Christmas Gift Hunt – Win £125 Voucher!

Christmas is almost here! To celebrate, we’re hosting a Christmas Gift Hunt across our website this December. The prize? A fantastic £125 voucher to spend on our site. You can put it towards some home renovation in the New Year!

How does it work? 

We’ve hidden six gift boxes in different tile ranges on our site. We’ll give you a clue to get you started – then all you need to do is find the range. Click on the first gift box where you’ll find a letter and a clue to the next range. Jot down the letter. This will become important later on. Then you go and find the next range – and so on. There are six ranges/gift boxes in total, and six letters that you need to jot down. Once you reach the sixth and final gift box, you’ll be told what to do with the letters.

Here is the first clue: 

At which London palace does this young couple reside? Enter the answer in our search box (top right of the page), and you will find the first gift box! We will see you there.


Need a helping hand? Just ask over at our Facebooktwitter or Google+ with the hashtag #ChristmasGiftHunt.

*You have until Friday 20th December to enter the giveaway.


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