Clean Living Kitchen at Ideal Home Show

At this year's Ideal Home Show, we were lucky enough to design two of our very own kitchen room sets! One of them was called The Clean Living Kitchen. Described as, 'a place to gather your daily mind set.' It's designed to bring together all of today's healthiest trends - diet, fitness, mental stimulation and well-being, and it uses glossy surfaces to amplify natural daylight to boost happiness and increase productivity.



The breakfast bar is decorated with a patchwork of colours from our Dollymix Terrazzo Effect Tiles collection. Traditional terrazzo consists of chips of stones pressed into a bed of cement. These terrazzo-look tiles have these same speckled appearance, and come in a variety of colours including pinks and teals, as used in this Clean Living Kitchen!



When it comes to creating a relaxing, wholesome and natural look, stones are always a popular choice. On account of its attractive and decorative veining, marble is a stone that's very on trend. It does often require sealing, though, so for a zero maintenance alternative, marble effect tiles are a great option. We used Porosha Matt Marble Tiles in the Clean Living Kitchen at the Ideal Home Show! They're alive with veining.



No room that tries to create a soothing, back-to-nature, escapist look could ever been complete without some wood effect surfaces! Made from durable porcelain, these Tiveden Beige Wood Effect Tiles have a soft-touch glaze, so they're softer underfoot than traditional tiles. They have a gorgeous golden tone and a lifelike wood grain design.



If you visited the show, your eye might have been caught by this striking textured feature wall! Using our wonderful Wimbledon White Curve Matt Tiles, these large format wall tiles have a 3D undulating design, with glossy curved shapes advancing out of the tile. The shadowing completely changes their appearance, so as the natural light changes throughout the day, so does the look of your wall.



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