This summer, Teal is the interior designer's colour of choice. With the days growing hotter, it stands to reason the colour we want to invite into our homes is a refreshing, cooling tone. If you read our blog about Choosing A Colour Scheme, you'll know that blues and greens are cool colours that have connotations of water, sky and vegetation. They add feelings of refreshment and relaxation into a home; something we can benefit from all year round. Teal, 2015's hottest colour, sits somewhere between blue and green. A rich aquatic blue, it has qualities of both. Here are some ideas for inviting it into your home...


Indian Summer: A Teal Colour Scheme

To help you inject some teal into your home this season, we've put together Indian Summer. It's a palette of off-whites, golds and cool teal blues, and it will help you to prolong summer throughout your household. The mix of golden and blue jewel tones will add luxury connotations into your interiors. The light, golden beige undertones found in the base hues of the palette provide a contemporary, warming foundation; animating the other playful accents.


Your paint palette 

For the hard-to-reach places you don't fancy tiling, you'll want to use some of these stylish paint shades. They're perfect for tying together those tiled areas! The shades are Rock Salt, Teal Touch, Delicate Seashell and Golden Bark, and you can pick them (or similar shades) up in your local Wilco.


teal colour palette


Elegance marble effect tiles

Our gorgeous Elegant Marble Effect Tiles provide a light beige backdrop, onto which you can build. They allow you to invite the natural look into your home, too, and will add definition to your wall spaces with their veined, textured surfaces. In this opulent bathroom, teal has been injected through the use of curtains, circular wall mirror, sofa and standing mirror frame.


Marble effect tiles teal colour palette

Elegant marble effect tiles


Lucy Feature Wall Tiles 

With blue hues tossed into the mix, these Lucy Tiles are perfect for using as part of a striking teal colour scheme. They have a captivating Moroccan design, with a patchwork of eye-catching Arabesque patterns. They're ideal for creating a room-stealing splashback. In the kitchen below, the home owner has chosen a extraction fan hood with a blue tint. They've also dotted their shelves with teal glassware - cups, bowls and vases.


lucy feature tiles teal decor scheme

Lucy Moroccan statement tiles


Laurel Wood Effect Tiles

Our realistic Laurel Wood Effect Tiles are perfect for creating a natural-looking base in your living room. They're alive with a lifelike wood grain design. To introduce teal into the room, choose a colourful sofa or, for a quick and cheap alternative, toss a teal throw over your current seating.


Teal Palette Living Room

Realistic wood effect floor tiles


Teal tiles

To add simple blocks of teal to a wall, try the Sea Green Tiles from our Marvel collection. They're perfect for creating a calm background in an interior setting, and help to set a cool, mellow mood - perfect for helping you destress at the end of a hard day. They have a luscious gloss finish that gently bounces the light around; making a room seem brighter. For best results, choose accessories that stand out against the teal - such as the fab white vases below.




If square tiles aren't your thing and you like a more modern approach, then get with the times and use a brick-shaped design. These Prismatic 200x100's are ideal for injecting the metro tile trend into your home. They can be mounted in a simple columned arrangement, or in a brick-lap layout like below, or in a striking herringbone pattern.




You could even go a step further and add extra interest and definition to your wall spaces by choosing a brick-shaped design with a crackle surface.



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