New for 2015: Each month, our Colour Report is going to take you through the latest decorating ideas and interior accessories surrounding one particular colour. This February, due to the fact that Valentine's Day sits right in the middle of it, we're going to be looking at red. It's the colour of passion - the colour of romance. It can heat up a cold interior, and add spice to your decor.


Smooth Brick

The brick-shaped tile trend has been around for a while now. Gradually, designers are starting to move away from the traditional 200x100 shape, and are leaning more towards elongated brick-shaped designs. One such example is the 300x100 Rhian Tile. It has a smooth, flat, sleek surface, with no cluttering bevelled edges, and makes for an incredibly stylish addition to any interior.


red brick metro tiles


Bevelled Beauty

Not a fan of the flat brick-shaped them? Prefer a more vintage, bevelled approach? Fear not - we stock a huge selection of bevelled metro tiles. Among them are some bright, fiesty reds! Originally, metro tiles were used in the underground system, around the time of the 1920's. Each station had its own unique colours, to help passengers recognise when it's time to get off. Now, almost 100 years later, metro tiles are bringing vintage charm into our interiors. For a bright, bold red, try our Liverpool Street Metro Tile.


bevelled red metro tiles kitchen


Moroccan Magic

A major interior design trend over the last twelve months has been the introduction of captivating Moroccan arabesque patterns into the home. A mix of elaboarate patterns and designs, they are perfect for bringing a dull wall or floor space to life. They can add character to any room in the house - transforming a wall into a feature wall, and a floor into a statement floor. When it comes to red, we have the below piece from our selection of Patchwork Mosaic Effect Tiles. It consists of a grid of different designs, which rise up from the surface of the tile. From textured grids through to eye-catching spirals, the mis-match of patterns really brings a wall area to life. Use them to create a powerful feature wall in a bedroom, bathroom or living area, or create a room-stealing kitchen splashback behind the sink - give yourself something nice to look at whilst you're doing the dishes. Here's the Rojo Patchwork Mosaic Tile:


red patchwork mosaic tile


Tempting textures

Adding texture to your wall spaces helps to bring a room to life; especially when you've got ceiling lights or lamps angled towards the walls, to bring out all the definition and markings. The Moroccan tile above is alive with texture, and is perfect for introducing this theme to an interior setting. However, we have another mosaic tile you might like to consider. Our range of Splash Mosaic Tiles get their name from their unique rippled surfaces. They create the illusion of rapid water; splashing and frothing. Check out the range's Scarlet Mosaic Tile, below.


textured red mosaic tiles


A touch of glass

You've heard us mention kitchen splashbacks a couple of times already. But what is one, exactly? Well, a splashback is an easily wipeable surface that stands behind a kitchen hob or sink. The idea is to catch all the specks of pan fat whilst you're cooking your eggs, or the fierce spray of water when you're washing the dishes. Instead of the grease or moisture sinking into an unprotected painted / wallpapered wall, they sit on the surface - ready for you to wipe clean. The most cost effective way of creating a splashback is to order a square metre or two of suitable wall tiles. However, if you want an original kitchen splashback, you'll be looking at a solid screen of coloured glass. That's how splashbacks started. We have a selection to choose from and, of course, we have a Lipstick Red Glass Kitchen Splashback.


glass lipstick red kitchen splashback


Floor filler

If you've got a large, impersonal room, with a vast floor space, why not try adding a rug? It can help to tie the floor area in with the rest of the room's accessories, whilst at the same time making the room seem smaller, cosier, and more homely. We love this interweaving, patterned red rug from our friends at The Rug Seller. It's called a Moorish Fes Rug.


red rug living room


From cushion with love

Heart accessories are perfect for making a home seem that bit more welcoming, warm and loving. We love this Printed Hearts Cushion from Dunelm. At just £6.99, it's got a rich red background, and it's dotted with little white and pink lovehearts - perfect for bringing a bit of love into your interiors. Sit it on a chair or sofa.


red love heart cushion


Which is your favourite red decorating idea or accessory from above? Will you be inviting any of them into your home this season? Which one? Which room? Which colour would you like us to do a report on next? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+, or leave a comment below.



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