Colour Trends for 2017

Decorating your home this season, and can’t decide on a colour scheme? I find it helps to look at the year’s latest colour trends – so, just for you, here they are – colour trends for 2017!

yellow ruse tiles

Pantone Colour of the Year: Greenery

Pantone is pretty much considered the world’s authority on colour. That’s why thousands of designers across the globe – in both the fashion and interior worlds – set their palettes according to what Pantone deems to be the ‘Colour of the Year’. For 2017, this title was given to the shade ‘Greenery’ – a bright green, which is perfect for injecting a pop of colour into schemes.

How to use it in your home

The most obvious way of injecting ‘greenery’ into a room is to add some plants. The appearance of plants in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms has been a rising trend over the last couple of years – so why not try it out? If you’re not very green fingered, try a spider plant – they’re hard to kill. Trust me – I’m awful at keeping plants alive, but my spider plants are on their fifth year now! Alternately, you can buy some very realistic artificial plants from places such as IKEA.

If you want a more permanent pop of green in your home, you could use green tiles such as metros or mosaic tiles to create a splashback or accent block in your interior spaces.


Above: Sage Tiles

Pops of Yellow

Yellow is going to be a much more popular colour, heading throughout 2017, with pops of this pleasant hue brightening up colour schemes. There are two tones of yellow to invite into your home this year: muted pastel yellows, and bright sunshine yellows. It’s important to know how to use them.

How to use them in your home

Pastel yellows: These muted tones can be used in greater volume than their bright counterparts, since they’re not overwhelming. Rather, they are pleasantly warm and refreshing, without giving you a headache. Use pastel yellows to breathe new life into dated wooden furniture (with a can of wood paint), or to create a colourful accent wall, using muted yellow metro tiles.

Sunshine yellows: These bright tones must be used in much lesser volume, otherwise you might need to put your sunglasses on! Add two of three sunshine accessories throughout a room, and you will instantly brighten up the scheme! Grab a bright yellow vase, a lamp shade, or a cushion!

yellow ruse tiles

Moody blue

One colour trend you’ve probably spotted if you like to flick through home styling magazines is ‘moody blue’. What do I mean by ‘moody?’ Darker tones of blue, which are perfect for adding atmosphere into a room. It’s important to contrast them with light whites or warm copper tones!

How to use it in your home 

Grab a can of mood blue paint and use it to cover a wall. This will create your backdrop. Then, add white tiles and copper tones to help break up the dark chill! These three colours work amazingly together. Alternately, paint chairs or bookcases in your home in this luscious, hynoptic blue, and use these as accent pieces to inject the colour into your scheme in manageable pops.

tile layouts

Above: Antique Smooth Crackle Metro Tiles and Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles

Colour Trends 2017: Keeping it Teal

We’ve had green, we’ve had blue, now it’s time for something in between. Raising in popularity last year, teal remains one of the main colour trends for 2017. It’s a refreshing aquatic toner, and it’s perfect for bringing a wall space to life in a bathroom or kitchen.

How to use it in your home 

Use teal metro tiles or mosaic tiles to create a splashback in your kitchen, or a feature wall in your bathroom. These are two quick, easy and simple ways to completely update the look of a room. As mentioned above, copper tones are perfect for injecting warmth into a cool colour scheme, so use them in conjunction with a teal display, if possible.

colour trends 2017

Above: Antique Smooth Crackle Metro Tiles – Varenne Teal and Monceau Teal

There you have it – five fab colour trends for 2017. I hope this has helped give you some inspiration for your decorating projects! If you’re inviting any of these schemes into your home, let us know in a comment below!

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