Cook Up A Festive Kitchen: 5 Weeks!

Throughout November and December, Walls and Floors are hosting the Countdown to Christmas! Week by week and room by room, we’re going to help you get your home ready for those festive guests. It’s not long until your friends and family come through the door – bearing gifts and bottles of wine. We want to help you give them new, thought-out, interesting interiors to look at!

This week, we’re helping you cook up a stylish new kitchen. We’ll take a look at 2015′s kitchen trends, and explore stylish accessories.

Countdown to Christmas

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Kitchen Trends for 2015

Already firm trends this year, these stylish kitchen themes will continue to be prominent moving into 2015, so they’re great options to bring into your home this festive period!

Metro Tiles are one of the leading trends when it comes to decorating a kitchen area. There’s something about the sleek, defined, bevelled shape that interior stylists go made for. They manage to bring both vintage charm and a chic, contemporary feel. Available in both matt and gloss, you can use them to fill that awkward gap between your worktop and the underside of your overhead cupboards and cabinets!


You can even use Metro Tiles to create a splashback. What’s one of those, you ask? It’s an easily-wipeable surface that you stand behind a hob or sink to catch all the stray specks of pan fat or water. They’re wall protectors, in other words – but they can be incredibly stylish. When the trend started off, big sheets of polished aluminium were used. But that got boring, and stylists started to get more creative with their splashbacks; using stylish tiles, or large glass screens.

If you’re feeling slightly adventurous, and want to create a spicy, lively appearance in your kitchen this Christmas, then Moroccan Tiles could be the choice for you. They’re available in both wall and floor options, and come in a variety of captivating Mediterranean Arabesque patterns – from curving, archaic, medieval-type designs, through to floral-esque prints. Piece together a feature wall or statement floor!


A major trend in 2015 is ‘Stunning Temper’ – in which bold monochrome patterns are used in combination with textured surfaces. For example, our Azulejo Tiles alongside moody stone effect, as pictured here:


Hexagons are a simply unavoidable kitchen trend, heading into next year. The six-sided style trend has taken the UK by storm. You’ll find hexagons in just about any trendy establishment in the country; whether it’s in the form of light fittings, furniture, shelving or tiles. Hexagon Tiles make for an incredibly stylish addition to a kitchen area. And there are so many types and styles to choose from; plain hexagons, clay quarry hexagons, wood effect hexagons, corrugated hexagons, Moroccan-effect hexagons. Here are a couple of eye-catching options:



Another kitchen trend is the use of rich, warm metals in place of those cold chromes and silvers. Brass and copper are two prominent options, and they fit in with the popular industrial upcycle trend. Get the plumber to take out those old, dated chrome-plated taps, and fit a brass or copper alternative, as shown below! Change the light shade, too.

Brass handles offer another way to staple this trend into your kitchen. Use them on all the cupboard doors:

Raw materials are another must-have item for your kitchen. A big trend moving into next year is ‘Nature’s Prescription.’ It’s all about feeling closer to nature, without having to step outside, and is achieved by using textured wood effects, stone effects, neutral colours and raw materials – such as rough-and-ready wooden furniture or shelving.

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Perfect finishing touches

So you’ve got the bare bones of your kitchen sorted – from the brick tile walls, to the Moroccan patterned floors, to the brass taps and gorgeous wooden table. Now it’s time to add those accessories; furnishings and nick-knacks to help finish off your kitchen. Here are some of our favourites.

Antlers make for a very trendy addition to any interior setting. Faux antlers are available from most home stores. They further enforce the Nature’s Prescription trend; inviting the illusion of wonderful woodland critters into your home. Pick up any interior design magazine, and you’ll see a set of antlers in there somewhere.

vintage wood plank tiles

Here’s a stylish option, available from


Wall Plaques are another kitchen accessory trend we’ve picked up on. They’re everywhere. If you pop into Dunelm, there’s whole rows filled with Wall Plaques. Go into Asda, and there’s Wall Plaques. Go down to the garden centre – guess what – Wall Plaques! They all contain different messages and are printed on different materials – sometimes sheets of tin, sometimes blocks of wood. The messages can vary from humorous one-liners through to famous quotes or sayings. Best of all, they’re only nailed in – so they’re quickly interchangeable.

Don’t forget the quirky Wine Holder! It’s Christmas, after all, and we’re sure you’ll be pouring a few glasses for your guests! Centre the table with a fun or intelligent wine holder. We love these Christmas-themed Reindeer and Penguin options from Not on the High Street:


What do you think to these kitchen ideas? Will you be inviting them into your home, in time for Christmas? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+.


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