#CountdownToChristmas 4 Weeks To Go: Living Room Ideas

Christmas is almost here, and with it come scores of festive gifts; bearing gifts and wine. To help you get your home guest-ready this winter, we’re hosting the #CountdownToChristmas. Each week, I’m going to tackle a different room in the house; giving you plenty of fantastic decorating ideas, with crafty DIY makes and introductions to the latest trends. This week, I’m going to show you how to unlock your dream living room, in time for Christmas.

Create A Woodland Retreat

Now that Winter is here, we Brits retreat from those outdoor spaces where we spend Summer and Autumn, and we tend to make more use of our living areas. I don’t know about you, but my living room feels a little bit neglected and out of touch, since I spent so much of my summer out in the garden or socialising; lapping up the warmer weather. I’m going to show you how to bring one of the latest interior design trends into your lounge; the woodland appearance. It will bring your living room up to date, whilst adding a warm and cosy appearance to help you feel all snug throughout the chilly winter months; giving you a cushy nook you can hibernate in. Warm wood effects, wooden furniture, cross-hatched fabrics, potted branches, log piles and woodland critters are the call of the day. For the complete guide to transforming your living room into a woodland wonderland, click here: Create A Woodland Retreat.

Antique wood effect tiles

10 Quick Living Room Updates

If you’re like me and you love a quick fix, then you’ll love this run-down of 10 quick and easy updates for your living room. Sometimes, all it takes to make a room feel refreshed is a few small changes. For example, if your side table has sported the same lamp for the last five years, why not swap the lamp? Or at least the shade. Go for something a little different – something interesting – something colourful. Bored of that bland space on the floor? Introduce an Ottoman! They’re decorative upholstered cubes, and they make for great alternatives to coffee tables when it comes to filling dead space! For the full list of quick fixes, click here: 10 Quick Living Room Updates.

Living room ideas and updates

Have A Wild West Christmas

Tired of traditional Christmasses? Bored of baubles, tinsel and spray-on snow? Want a break from the norm? Why not host a ‘Wild West’ Christmas in your home this year? And then once Christmas passes, you’ll be left with a major interior design trend in your home: Old West. Sacrifice the nativity scene for ceramic cactae ornaments, the reef for a wall-mountable buffalo bust, and the fake snow blankets for artificial fur blankets. For the full guide to bringing a ‘Western’ look into your lounge this season, click here: Create A Wild West Living Room.

Create A Splitface TV Stand

If there’s one thing that can spoil a living room, it’s a TV. A big, black, glossy screen in the centre of a wall. A black hole; a void. Chris, one of our customers, decided enough was enough, and incorporated his TV as part of a room-stealing focal point! He built the most epic TV stand I’ve ever seen, and took pictures of each step along the way. Firstly, he used lengths of timber to build a frame, containing facets to hold DVD players, Sky boxes and consoles. Secondly, he cocooned the frame in hardibacker boards. Next, he fixed his TV mounting brackets in place, before finally cladding the structure in Strata Splitface Tiles. Texture is a big deal, moving into 2016, so this stunning splitface structure will remain on-trend. For step-by-step photos of the project, visit our post: Create A Splitface TV Stand.

Splitface TV Stand

Ooze: A Dream Colour Scheme

Having recently decorated my house, I know how difficult it can be to choose a colour scheme! That’s why, with the help of exclusive designer Louisa Charlotte, I post regular Dream Colour Schemes on this blog; charming colour palettes for bringing your rooms to life. Want to create a rich, warm, cosy base in your living room this season? Try Ooze. A backing of earthy browns, with a pop of bright zesty yellow, it’s perfect for livening up a lounge this season. Visit the full colour palette here – Dream Colour Scheme: Ooze.

Colour palette ooze

10 Celebrity Living Rooms

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – when it comes to looking for ideas for an interior decorating project, celebrity homes are a great place to start. Why? Because the super rich fork out thousands on interior designs, to ensure their homes are super stylish, and up to date with all the latest design trends. I’ve collected together 10 of the best celebrity lounges to help give you some inspiration! From Kylie Minogue and Reese Witherspoon, through to John Legend and Hugh Heffner. Take a look; 10 Celebrity Living Rooms.

Kirsten Dunst living room

Top 7 Fireplace Tiles

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room (a lot of new builds don’t even have chimneys), then you should make the most of it! A well-dressed fireplace can act as a striking, charming focal point, to capture your guests’ attention as they step into the room. Tiles are a brilliant way of smartening up an old, drab, dated fireplace. I’ve put together a list of our Top 7 Fireplace Tiles. Go and have a look!

fireplace tiles

I hope these ideas have giving you some inspiration, ready to get those living areas fighting fit and ready for your guests!


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Written by Callum Chester

With a diploma in creative writing and an interior design course under his belt, Callum Chester is the mastermind behind the Walls and Floors blog. Callum spends dozens of hours each week, browsing through magazines and visiting design shows; researching the latest decorating trends, to help deliver fantastic ideas for your home. Read more articles by Callum Chester.

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