#CountdownToChristmas 2 Weeks – Refresh the Bedroom

Bedroom ideas Christmas Countdown

With just 2 weeks to go in the #CountdownToChristmas, I’m going to show you how to get those bedrooms and guest rooms ready for the festive period! From quick updates for the furniture, through to little changes to make your guests feel more at home…

Jazz up the headboard

If I was telling you how to quickly inject some character into your kitchen, I’d tell you to create a simple splashback behind your cooker or sink. Similarly, a great way to quickly refresh the look of your bedroom is to decorate the headboard. It’s usually a fairly significant space that, when dressed up appropriately, will catch the eye as you step into the room!

Mosaics are the perfect way to bring a plain wooden headboard to life. They’re cheap, they’re easy to work with, and they come on a mesh backing so you can easily cut them to size! For best results, use a textured mosaic, or one with a bit of magical sparkle, such as an iridescent.

Create a feature wall

If you’re bored of looking at a plain white wall, or faded floral wallpaper, then be a little bolder and create a room-stealing feature wall in your bedroom, ready for the New Year! The best feature wall I’ve ever seen in a bedroom was sent in by a Walls and Floors customer as part of a before and after competition. Evidentially, he won!

Graham used slate splitface tiles to create a stunning, textured display. If you’re unfamiliar with splitface tiles, they’re essentially strips of natural slate that are cut to different heights, widths and thicknesses; creating a varied, multi-levelled surface. He tiled the wall behind his bed from ceiling to floor; making a feature wall that immediately catches the eye and adds some cutting edge style to the room!

splitface mosaic tiles bedroom

If you’re especially chuffed with your tiling project, we’re currently hosting another Before and After competition! It closes on December 20th, with the winner announced on December 25th. The prize for our favourite interior transformation? An iPad Air 2! Send your before and after pics to inspiration@wallsandfloors.co.uk.

Of course you can stay – Get those guest rooms ready!

If you’re having friends or family over for Christmas, and the alcohol is flowing, it’s not unlikely that your guests will ask if they can stay over. Mine certainly do! To save yourself the embarrassment of clearing all the clutter out of the room and changing the sheets last minute, get your guest rooms ready in plenty of time! I’ve put together some ideas for making your guest room more homely. Take a look: Get the guest room ready for Christmas.

Guest bedroom ideas

Add a wood effect floor

Moving into 2016, all my research suggests that wooden floors will continue to be a major design trend. They help to staple the sought after natural trend into interior spaces. However, bare floorboards aren’t necessarily the way to go. They require lots of treatment and maintenance – sanding and waxing. They can also splinter along the edges – and nobody wants a shard of wood in the foot as they’re sleepily strolling to the loo in the wee hours of the night. With exposed floorboards, you’re also very limited in design. It’ll be one boring plank after another.

Estrellar Wood Effect Tiles

So what am I getting at? The fact that wood effect tiles are a much better way to go! Particularly if you live in a new build with MDF flooring upstairs – or your bedroom is on the ground floor with a concrete base. In these instances, you won’t have any floorboards to expose! Wood effect tiles are extremely realistic. They’re affordable, easy to install, require zero maintenance, and they’re even compatible with underfloor heating – meaning you can create a cosy, snug touch underfoot.

Best of all, there are hundreds of different designs. Invite some interesting wood effect tiles into your bedrooms this season, and break away from the monotony of everyday floorboards.

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