Throughout October, we've been hosting #DesignMonth here at Walls and Floors! The month kicked off with our stand at Grand Designs Live, which was a huge success! Thousands of people from all around the UK came to check out our stylish tile collection; drawing inspiration from the different room sets and designs.


Following that, we held a series of fantastic offers across our site; helping to lower the cost of your project. Then we launched our latest competition: #DeckTheHalls with Walls and Floors. To encourage you to share your project in order to inspire others, we asked you to send us before and after pictures. The competition entries close on December 22nd. On Christmas Day, we'll choose our favourite transformation to win back the cost of their tiles!


This #DesignMonth, our tiles appeared on both Channel 4's Grand Designs and BBC One's DIY SOS: The Big Build - giving your interior creativity that extra little boost. And, as if that wasn't enough, throughout the month, we've also been posting inspiring room set pics and interior design ideas on Facebook, twitter and Google+. Now we're finishing our #DesignMonth with something extra special...




#DIYweek - A great chance to finish your decorating projects

We all have them. Those pesky little DIY and decorating tasks that we've been putting off for months, or even years. Whether it's the shed you've been meaning to paint, or the picture frame you've been meaning to put up, or the kitchen you've been meaning to decorate, in time for Christmas. No matter what your project, #DIYweek is the perfect opportunity to finish it - once and for all! Let's end #DesignMonth with a bang!


From Saturday 25th - Friday 31st, it's half term - the kids are off school. That means no dragging them out of bed in the morning. No fixing their packed lunches. No school run. No picking them up at the end of the day. No helping them with their homework. It's the perfect time to crack on with a spot of DIY or decorating.


Why you need tiles this #DIYweek

Transforming a floor space as part of your decorating project? Sure, carpets look nice and laminate flooring slots together pretty easy - but both of these floor coverings are flawed from the start. Carpet is ridiculously over-priced, and it becomes flatter and more worn-out from day one. The endless barrage of feet quickly take their toll; trampling the threads into lifeless mush. Not only that - but one glass of red wine or a disagreeable kebab and it's game over. Laminate chips and fades fairly speedily, too. Not only that, but it warps too. It expands in the sunlight, and the joints crack and split, which looks terrible. Not to mention the effect that moisture has on the over-priced chipboard underneath that laminated surface. The water you'll drag into the house on an autumn or winter day will seep into the gaps and swell the processed wood; creating unsightly blisters all over your floor.


Likewise, when it comes to tiling a wall, paint is not a great option, as you can always see the messy stroke marks, and there are always brush bristles entombed in the paint, like scratches across the surface of your wall. And wallpaper? Don't get us started on wallpaper. It fades and it peels, and you can never get the joints looking just right. They're always over-lapping, or not quite close enough together, or the pattern isn't quite lined up right.


Tiles, on the other hand, are the perfect covering for both walls and floors. They're affordable - we have up to 70% off across our site right now, with Free Delivery on orders over £99. They're easy to cut to size, and easy to install. They're extremely versatile - you can quickly piece together any style you like - from a stunning vintage metro look, through to realistic wood effect, through to natural-looking mock stone. They last a lifetime - they never fade, they never peel, and, once they're securely fixed in place, they're hard to break. They add value to your home - when it comes to selling on your house or flat, tiles are considered a robust interior addition that will not require replacing any time soon - a brilliant buying point.


Do-it-yourself tiling

You always have the option of hiring a tiler. There will be dozens of affordable and professional tilers in your local area. Call around, get some quotes, and hunt for reliable recommendations. But if you'd rather spare yourself the cost and undertake the job of tiling yourself, then we take our hat off to you. You are fully embracing the idea of #DIYweek. You are manning the overalls, and getting hands-on. We have a great series of How to Tile videos you can take advantage of. They cover everything from planning out a kitchen or bathroom and cutting the tiles to size, through to preparing natural stone and waterproofing a shower area. Take a look: How to Tile.


Let us know how your projects are going, over on Facebooktwitter or Google+ or in the comments below. And don't forget to enter your before and after pics in our #DeckTheHalls with Walls and Floors competition, where you can win back the cost of your tiles!



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