Are you a fan of the magical Harry Potter series? You've come to the right place! We've created this enchanting Harry Potter decor scheme, to help you inject some magic into your home. So what are you waiting for? Create your very own Hogwarts...


Harry Potter decorating ideas


1) If you've watched the films, you'll have noticed they contain an abundance of owls. Owls are used as the main channel for sending post - so you'll often see them darting around. Harry also has a pet owl, named Hedwig, so they're a key part of the films. You can have your own owl too, in the form of this decorative ceramic hooter. Sit it on your desk, drawers, mantelpiece or shelf.


2) Since Hogwarts is an ancient establishment, you won't find any pens within its classrooms. Instead, the students use quills and ink pots. These, too, are an iconic piece of Harry potter paraphernalia, and you can find your own in the form of this official HP writing quill. From £37, various.


3) Cups are an equally rare sight. Instead of regular cups, staff and students drink from medieval goblets.


4) Wooden trunks are featured throughout the films, too. Lots of the students used them to transport their belongings to the school on the famous Hogwarts Express. Also, Alistair Madeye Moody was locked in a trunk by Barty Crouch Junior. Thus, a weathered trunk is a fantastic interior addition when constructing a Harry Potter decor scheme. They also make for fantastic storage in a lounge or bedroom - you can neatly pack away excess throws and cushions into them - or anything else you want to keep out of sight.


5) This gorgeous lantern has a strong Hogwartsy feel to it, and once it has a tealight in it, it will give off a very enchanting glow when the lights are turned down. With it's metallic hue, it will add a little glitz into your scheme.


6) These Beldi Wall Tiles contain striking medieval patterns; perfect for stapling some of Hogwarts' ancient qualities into your wall areas.


7) Create a decorative, stylish statement floor throughout your home with these dark parquet effect Vintage Wood Tiles, which are part of our Louisa Charlotte Collection.


There you have it - a cosy little Harry Potter decor scheme! We'd love to see your own HP schemes. Show them to us over at Facebook, twitter or Instagram @wallsandfloors.






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