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Now wintertime is setting in, if you’re like me, you’ve stopped focusing on those garden areas, and you’re turning your attention to those pesky interior spaces. The living room, mostly – as this is the area where I spend most of my time throughout the winter; rather than lounging around outdoors on the patio. If I bring guests home, we relax in the lounge – so it’s important that the living room is given a quick post-summer refresh to keep it looking stylish and on-trend throughout Autumn and Winter – until the garden becomes hospitable once again.


For me, wintertime is all about making yourself feel warm and cosy. When I think of winter, I think of fleece blankets, a crackling fire and hot chocolate in an over-sized mug. When it comes to decorating your lounge ready for winter, you should be thinking cosy, too. And when it comes to creating a cosy interior theme, you can’t go wrong with the woodland trend.


If you’ve not encountered this trend yet, it’s all about piecing together a warm, tranquil, enchanting woodland theme in your home – introducing wood effects, wooden ornaments and furniture, and incorporating warm reds, golds and bronzes to help add a pop of colour. By introducing some rustic themes, and plenty of texture, you can create your own country-styled lodge; perfect for seeing winter out in! Below, I've outlined some ideas for creating your own woodland retreat, with ideas and accessories...


Add some cute woodland friends

Clocking on to the woodland trend, the likes of George Home have a fantastic offering of cutesy forest critters, shown below; ideal for dotting around the room, and adding some personality.


add woodland critters to your scheme


1) Twit twoo! Add some warmth to a sofa or armchair with this adorable owl cushion. £19.95, Not on the High Street. 2) Feeling foxy. Liven up a shelf or drawer unit by introducing this sleek wood effect fox ornament. £10.00, George Home. 3) Stag party. A major interior design accessory throughout the UK, no woodland retreat would be complete without its stag’s head. £8.00, George Home.


5 quick updates for bringing the woodland trend into your home:

1) Fill a wooden bowl with pine cones and sit it on your coffee table.


Pine cone bowl

2) Whether or not you have a wood burner, invite chopped logs into your home. Fill a rattan basket with them, stack them up on a side surface, or pile them into an unused crevice.


3) Go down to your local park and search the ground below the trees for a nice, expansive branch or two. Take them home, clean off any dirt with warm soapy water, hang them up to dry off, and then stick them in a vase in your living room. Voila – a real slice of forestry in your lounge! Optional extra: Hang wooden decorations from the branches; lovehearts and pine cones on ribbons.


Branches in vase

4) Locate or purchase a log stump. This will make for a perfect side table; onto which you can put your ornaments or a table lamp. This Log Stool is available from Cranmore Home.


log stump table stool

5) Buy a faux fur throw and drape it over your sofa. We love this 'Arctic Wolf' option from Bean Bag Bazaar...


Faux fur throw on chair


10 wood effect tiles that are perfect for creating a woodland retreat

Wood effect flooring is the background to any strong woodland scheme. Here, I've put together a selection of stylish wood effect tiles from Walls and Floors. Why choose wood effect tiles over laminate? Because they're hard wearing - they don't scratch as easily, they don't chip, and they don't blister when they get wet. Thanks to the latest inkjet technology, wood effect tiles look are a lot more realistic than laminate, too. A HD photograph is real wood is printed directly onto the tile biscuit; creating an ultra lifelike look; often with knots and a wood-grain texture sunken into the surface of the tile.

Let me take you through the image gallery above.


1) Firstly, we have the charming, aged appearance of our Antique Wood Effect Tiles. The variety in shades helps to created an interesting, varied blend when it comes to piecing together your floor display.


2) Next up, more interesting still, is our Archaic Painted Wood Effect Tile. A striking, elaborate parquet effect design with subtle blue hues; perfect for breaking away from a monotonous brown scheme.


3) Our Estrellar Wood Effect Tiles are equally as striking. A star-shaped pattern in light and dark wood effect, they're perfect for creating an eye-catching statement floor.


4) Arguably the most realistic wood effect tile online, our best selling Rustic Wood Tile is guaranteed to trick your guests into thinking you've spent thousands reclaiming an old wooden floor.


5) and 6) A lengthy plank in a variety of shades, our Seasoned Timber Tiles are ideal for mixing and matching and creating a pattern within themselves. Seasoned Timber Tiles are also perfect for use on wall spaces.


7) Dark in colour, our Darwin Forest Tiles allow you to piece together a contemporary, atmospheric floor space in your living room.


8) and 9) Part of the designer Louisa Charlotte range, these parquet effect Vintage Wood Tiles will add instant period charm.


10) With more than 1000 different design variations, these Workshop Wood Effect Tiles are ideal for creating the illusion of a varied, reclaimed wooden wall or floor display.


Inject some colour, pattern and texture

To help break up the vast expanses of wood, it’s important to incorporate some colourful, patterned, textured items to help add interest. Check out the 3 offerings below.


add cushions to your woodland theme

1) Almost tartan: Introduce a rich, warm, homely vibe with the addition of this Red Check Cushion. £8.00, George Home. 2) Lounging about: Add this gorgeous, textured knitted pouffe into the equation. Sit on it, or use it as a foot stool. £39, George Home. 3) Add a warm, fiery, Autumny hue into your woodland scheme with the inclusion of this jumbo cord cushion. Bold orange in colour, it has a ribbed, textured design; perfect for catching the eye. £7.00, George Home.


The best thing about creating a cosy woodland retreat in your lounge? When it comes to putting the Christmas tree up in December, it looks right at home!


I hope these ideas and accessories have helped inspire you, and that you'll set to work right away on creating your own cosy woodland retreat to hibernate in throughout winter. Show us pictures of your woodland retreat over on Instagram, Facebook or twitter!



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