Thinking about transforming a plain and boring space into a stylish, charismatic interior you’ll love? Try being creative! Combine different tile types for a powerful and stylish mix...


Mix and match your tiles


Want the perfect bathroom, kitchen or living area you’ve been dreaming of, but don’t know where to start? Well it’s time to get creative! Don’t be afraid to be inventive! Here at Walls and Floors we are here to advise you on how to create and how to compliment your interior space with ease. We aim to spark your inner designer and help inspire you, so you can create the home you’ve been longing for!


Mix and match

So firstly, when it comes to interior design, it’s all about personalisation, that’s the key! Invent your own style; play around with colour combinations, textures, materials, sizes and layout patterns. You need colours and textures that work together and compliment each other. Why don’t you try drawing down your ideas first? So you know exactly what style you want to achieve.


patchwork mosaics


When thinking of ideas, it’s worth thinking about composition and how to create structure. You can do this by mixing and matching Mosaic or Border tiles alongside plainer tiles. Try framing features within your chosen room such as your bathroom. Use shimmering mosaics and border tiles to inject a sense of height and allow light to emit around the room.


Mosaic tiles can drastically change the tone and style of your chosen room. Combining mosaics with various tile materials such as stone or marble effect are a great way of transforming a plain or boring space into a stylish space which oozes charisma and originality. You may want to use Mosaics to create a focal point that draws the eye in.


For example, take a look at Walls and Floors favourite tile combination, our ‘chocolate marble and glass’ mosaic tiles alongside our natural ‘Ferrara Travertine’ tiles create a pure and timeless design!


ferrara travertine tiles


Border tiles can compliment and enhance your other tile choices, which can add a sense of depth. Walls and Floors recommend using our ‘Travigno’ border range to give your kitchen or bathroom a drop of rich colour! What’s more, ‘Trivigno’ border tiles are versatile enough to combine with plain and intense coloured wall tiles.

For example try using our ‘Green Listeros’ border tile alongside our glass ‘Lotus blue’ tiles for a refreshed look. Remember it’s all about Personalisation!
So, let’s take a look at a selection from our Mix and Match range to inspire you and see what Walls and Floors have to offer:


1) White Metallic dot border tiles + Quartz Effect tiles


white quartz tile


2) Stellar Black Mosaic Tiles + Stone Tiles




3) Red Mix Mosaic Tile + Shell Pink Gloss Small Tiles



4) Autumn Blush Mosaic + Black Marble Effect Tiles


5) Ivory Mix Mosaic Tiles + Red Crackle Wall tiles


6) Ice Cube Tiles + Textured White Satin Tiles



Instead of going for a feature wall, why don’t you try creating a statement with a contemporary floor feature? Our new range of ‘Zeinah’ Moroccan style floor tiles work perfectly with our ‘Jannah’ wood effect floor tile range!




Alternatively, if you're looking for a classic floor feature try combining our bestselling black and white gloss marble effect tiles to create a truly smooth authentic marble look.


ZoomImage1otono-tiles1380639498 (1)


If its texture you’re after, our range of textured ‘Splitface Mosaic’ wall tiles are perfect for both interior and exterior walls, try combining them with large floor tiles for a complimentary look.




Get inspired! Be Creative! And don’t be afraid to mix and match new materials, different colours and try combinations you never would have thought of using before. Use your personality as inspiration, whether it’s the clothes you wear, your make-up palette or it could even be your favourite film or your favourite holiday destination – you know what you like and you know what you don’t. As we said from the start, it’s all about personalisation – so show your true colours!


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