Create A Summery Kitchen with Moroccan Tiles

Summer is slowly but surely coming, and it’s my favourite time of year! The sun is (mostly) shining in the sky. The trees are full of leaves. The flowers are fully in bloom. The world is alive and full of colour! There’s not much to be unhappy about on a bright summer’s day. Here’s how to capture summery goodness with Moroccan Tiles.

Capture Summer in Your Kitchen with Moroccan Tiles

Now, thanks to a cheerful selection of tiles from Walls and Floors, you can capture all the sunny, vibrant goodness of summer in your kitchen! And not just for a few months out of the year, either. You’ll be able to enjoy the richness of a summer’s day all year round, which is especially appealing on a dark and dreary winter’s day, when the sun is nowhere to be seen and the trees outside are bare!

Patchwork mosaic Moroccan Tiles in kitchen

The kitchen is the social hub of the home. It’s where you greet your loved ones or co-inhabitants in the morning over a slice of toast. It’s where you stand and chat with your friends whilst the kettle’s boiling. And, if you have a kitchen / diner, it’s where you tuck into your family meal at the end of a trying day. Therefore, it’s important the kitchen is kept looking fresh and bright – to encourage a friendly, sociable mood.

Zeinah Moroccan tiles

So what is this magical range of summery, colourful tiles I speak of? I refer, of course, to Walls and Floors’ impressive and eye-catching selection of Moroccan Tiles.

Moroccan Tiles: A Major Trend

Moroccan Tiles have been a major interior design trend for over a year now – and it’s easy to see why! Their colourful patchwork and geometric designs instantly whisk you away to some Mediterranean resort, where the sun is hot, and the streets are alive with bustling markets.

Beldi Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan décor focuses heavily on patchwork designs, where dozens of different patterns in similar hues are collected together to create a visually striking display. This is heavily present in the Zellij Patchwork Tiles range, where a mix of 26 different designs ensures you rarely get a repeat!

Zellij Tiles on kitchen wall

Geometric patterns are also a key element in Moroccan décor schemes. Unsure what a ‘geometric pattern’ is? Essentially, it’s a shape repeated over and over again; filling the entire space; sometimes in monochrome, sometimes in colour. Naklo Tiles offer a perfect example of geometric tiles.

Naklo Moroccan Tiles

Create a Kitchen Splashback using Moroccan Tiles

The easiest way to inject a Moroccan theme into your kitchen is to add a splashback using Moroccan Tiles. Don’t know what a splashback is? Functionally, a splashback is an easily-wipeable surface that stands behind a hob or a sink. Then, when you turn the tap on a little too aggressively, or when you’re cooking a full English, and flecks of water or pan fat spray out in every direction, they land on the splashback, and not your bare wall. This way, you can wipe the surface clean; rather than having the moisture sink into your wallpaper or plasterboard.

Asilah Moroccan tiles

Visually, a splashback acts as a focal point. It’s a block of wall space where, should you so desire, you can inject some personality into your room by adding a bold pattern or colour – something that will catch the eye of your guests as they step into the room. Thus, a splashback is a fantastic way to introduce summery Moroccan Tiles into your kitchen area.

Jamilia Moroccan tiles

Add a Moroccan Statement Floor to Your Kitchen

If you have a fairly plain kitchen – white cupboard faces, a splashback of white tiles – and you want to inject some instant character, then a statement floor is the best option for you!

Harran Moroccan Tiles

Choose a captivating range of Moroccan Tiles, such as Harika Tiles, and cover your kitchen floor from edge to edge! When your guests walk into the room, their eyes will instantly be drawn to the floor, and they will love it. They won’t be fussed by the plain cupboards and accessories one bit – a statement floor can completely carry a room, and give it all the colour and character is could ever need.

Harika Moroccan tiles

There you have it – how to create a summery look in your home using kitchen tiles! Are you introducing Moroccan Tiles into your home this season? Let us know over on Facebook or twitter, or tag us @wallsandfloors on Instagram!

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