If you’re tired of listening to the Frozen soundtrack on loop, and you want a more masculine environment you can escape to every now and again, then it sounds like you need your very own man cave! I’ve put together a guide to creating one in your own home, complete with 12 must-have finds to introduce into your man cave…


man cave ideas


Find the right space for your manly hang-out

The first thing you’ll need when it comes to creating a man cave is a room / space you can transform!

The obvious choice is the spare room. If you’ve got a small unused bedroom that’s full of clutter and is not likely to be used by guests, then clear it out! After all, you can always add a sofa bed into your man cave if you need an emergency space for guests to sleep.

Next in line is the attic. If you have a converted attic space with ample lighting, then why not put it to good use? Shove all the Christmas decorations into one corner, and start building your man cave!


Garden shed


If the above two spaces are a no-no, then it’s time to banish yourself to the garden shed. With the doors open, it’ll be like your own little summerhouse! You can sit with a beer and lap up the sun. If your shed is stuffed full with tools, then invest in a garden storage box, and transfer as much as you can into it! This’ll help clear up some room in your shed.


Add a base

Now you’ve got the space sorted, it’s time to add some cool, manly bits and pieces, to bring the man cave to life. First though, make sure you’ve got a hard, sturdy floor capable of withstanding the awesome things I’ve found below!

Do away with any soft carpeting or the scratch-happy laminate, and add some robust floor tiles in a wood or stone effect design. The Rustic Oak Tiles from Walls and Floors are perfect for a man cave floor.


Rustic oak wood effect tiles


Add some awesome man cave stuff: 12 must-have finds

Once that’s sorted, introduce some of these must-have finds from around t’internet.

1) Everybody has a bit of retro gamer geek in them. That’s what makes this simply stunning 8-Bit Retro Gaming Table so appealing for a man cave! Best of all? It actually functions as a working controller for a Nintendo NES. Take the glass off, plug it in and play! Grab one from Etsy.


Retro gaming table


2) If, like me, you’re always messing around on your phone; watching clips from Impractical Jokers or what have you, then you’ll love this fun little gadget. Darken the room, slip your mobile into this Smartphone projector, and watch hands-free as your video is projected onto your wall. You’re welcome! £15.99 from Qwerkity.


Mobile phone projector


3) If you love sport, why not treat yourself to some official signed merch from Icons? They have some of the biggest names in sport, from around the world. Buy a piece and display it on your wall. Your mates will be jealous when they visit you in your man cave.


Ronaldo man cave


4) Get comfy with this colourful Yoko sofa bed! When you’re tired of sitting up whilst sipping beer or playing video games, it collapses into a double bed. £199 from Made.com.


Yoko sofa from made


5) What self-respecting man cave would be complete without a fridge, to help keep your beer and cola cool? Smeg have a great selection of stylish fridges to choose from – browse online at John Lewis.


Smeg fridge from John Lewis


6) And to put in the ice box of your fridge: these amazing Star Wars ice trays, to help keep your drink cool in the summer. Choose from Darth Vader’s helmet, R2D2, the Millennium falcon, and more! £2.99 from eBay.


Star Wars ice tray


7) Whilst we’re on the subject of that galaxy far, far away, here’s a cool little thing from Photobox. They’re allowing you to personalise a massive Star Wars poster with a picture of you or your kids. Perfect for sticking on your wall. £12.99 from PhotoBox.


Star wars poster from Photobox


8) Football lover? Inject your love for the beautiful game into your shiny new den with this football mat. £25 from The Rug House.


Football rug from the Rug House


9) Do laps of your man cave in a brand new Bugatti. Well, a 1:14 scale RC model at least. A great bit of fun; weaving it between table and sofa legs. When you’re done playing, display it on a shelf as a fab, detailed model. £30 from The Brilliant Gift Shop.


Bugatti RC car


10) Don’t forget to mark your territory! Spell out something like ‘GARY’S MAN CAVE’ using ceramic Scrabble Tiles (if your name is Gary, of course). Glue the Scrabble Tiles onto the glass face of a photo frame, and hang it on the wall! Scrabble Tiles are £5.45 each from Walls and Floors.


Man cave scrabble tiles


11) Blow the dust off your old records! This awesome record playing, styled like a classic American car radio, will allow you to blare out your collections of Queen and Bowie! £120 from Qwerkity.


Record player man cave ideas


12) Keep your man cave spotless and dust-free with the easy, hand-held Gtech Multi vacuum cleaner. A cool-looking gadget to have on display, it’s light, has a powerful suck, comes with a load of different attachments, and even has a torch on the tip of it which lights up when you squeeze the trigger; allowing you to see into every nook and cranny. Perfect for hoovering up those Dorito crumbs. It’s on TV all the time! £149 from Gtech.co.uk.



There you have it – everything you need to create the ultimate man cave and more! Go play, drink, relax and enjoy!






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