Creative Kitchen Splashbacks: Get Inventive With Stylish Wall Tiles

What is a splashback? A splashback is an easily-wipeable surface that stands behind the sink or cooker in your kitchen or utility room. It’s purpose is to catch all the specks of water or hissing pan fat that might have otherwise flung into the wall and stained your wallpaper or paint. They’re wall-savers in other words, and, if done correctly, they can give your room all the character and personality it could ever need!

Getting creative with your kitchen splashbacks

So you’ve spent hours researching all of the latest trends and accessories for your kitchen. You make sure everything is just perfect. Then, when it comes to the main focal point – that large area behind the sink or hob – you go and choose a plain glass sheet kitchen splashback. We think, if you’re going through the effort of decorating your kitchen, you should choose a splashback idea with a little more character. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to creative kitchen splashbacks, using tiles!

Metro tile splashback

Metro tiles are on the hot list of every interior stylist in the UK. Their sleek, brick-shaped design is perfect for bringing a fresh, contemporary look to any wall space in the house. They can come either flat, or raised with a bevelled edge. There are several size and shape formats to choose from, too. A regular 200×100 or 150×75 brick shape, or a more elongated 300×100 or 400×100. Metro tiles come in a multitude of colours – giving you plenty of choice when it comes to stamping some of your personality into your kitchen splashback.

Adding pale colours to a wall space will certainly add a bright, fresh, revived appearance to a kitchen area. However, don’t feel that you need to stick with light colours. Adding black metro tiles to your wall won’t make it look dark and dingy, but rather it will add a level of sophistication.

Brick slip effect splashback

For a rustic, stripped-back design, try using brick slip effect tiles. They’re the perfect way to create a bare brick effect where bare bricks don’t exist. Even if you do have a brick wall beneath a plaster surface, getting to it would be a nightmare – so brick slip effect tiles are the next best thing. They have a realistic brick design, with a lifelike concrete joint sitting between the blocks. If you’re a fan of the industrial upcycle trend, then these are great for helping you realise it in your home.

Wood effect splashback

2015 is all about inviting the illusion of natural materials, surfaces and textures into your home. Why? Because they help us to feel closer to nature – and when we feel closer to the natural world, we are generally much more at ease and relaxed – a feeling we all strive to embrace in our homes. It stands to reason, therefore, that inviting warm, realistic wood effect tiles into your home is a fantastic idea. You don’t often get to see them used as a kitchen splashback, but we think they look fantastic in place behind a cooker or sink!

Mosaic tile splashback

Mosaics have been improving the appearance of interiors for thousands of years. In today’s day and age, mosaic tiles come on a mesh net backing – making them easy to cut to size, which is especially handy when tiling around fixtures and fittings, with a plug sockets and light switches. They add a compact and timeless look to a kitchen area, and are perfect for using as a kitchen splashback, behind those busy work surfaces. Our Mirror Mosaic Tiles were used to create some glistening charm in a customer, Marc’s, kitchen!

Colourful splashback

Who’s saying you need to stick to one colour? You could always create a captivating patchwork, when it comes to piecing together a stylish splashback for your kitchen. That’s exactly what Jean did. She sent in the below customer project pic, in which she used our colourful 100x100mm Johnson Prismatics Tiles to piece together this eye-catching patchwork display. We love it! It certainly acts as a focal point, and it seems to fit Jean’s vibrant theme (judging by the kettle).

Natural Stone Splashbacks

Following on from the ‘natural’ trend we mentioned earlier, in which surfaces and textures you’d find in nature are inviting into our homes, natural stone splashbacks are certainly a fantastic choice. But whilst we do have plenty of natural stone tiles available, you might like to consider going for stone effect alternatives. They’re cheaper, they’re easier to work with, they don’t require all the treatment and maintenance that natural stone requires, and they look incredibly realistic, having (for the most part) been printed using the latest HD inkjet technology.

This is a customer project sent in by Sue. She used our Natural Travertine Brick Tiles to piece together this warm, rich, earthy display.

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