At the end of 2015, we hosted another of our Before and After competitions. We asked customers to send in pics of their rooms before and after tiling. The competition ran its course, we had scores of entries, and we selected Claire as our winner! She entered her stunning statement bathroom project; combining fresh white metro tiles with bright geometric tiles.

She converted an excessively large bathroom into a smaller bathroom and a separate shower room with its own sink and toilet. As well as using our eye-catching Harika pattern tiles on the floor, she also used them to create accent surfaces on her basin unit and windowsill! We interviewed her about the project...


bathroom tiles geometric


How would you describe your bathroom before you decorated it, and what made you decide to decorate?

We have not had the house that long and it still had the bathroom in it that had been done about 30 years ago. It functioned and was clean but was really horrid. It was falling apart, it leaked and looked awful. It was in desperate need of gutting and a complete makeover.

Before pictures:


Claire before bathroom

Claire before bathroom bath tub


When it came to decorating, where did you take your inspiration from?

Well I love patterns and symmetry, especially those with an Indian or an Arabic look about them. However I find that I get an idea and then let it evolve so it doesn’t always end up how it starts off. I love colour too but they have to be the right shade – I will happily admit that I am rather particular and don’t find many things that I like so sometimes my ideas can take a while to fully materialize.


statement bathroom geometric tiles


Did you choose your décor / colour scheme around your choice of tiles, or did you choose tiles to fit in with a scheme you’d already chosen?

A bit of both. I had some decor ideas but they had to fit around the tiles since in the end they were to be colourful and patterned.


geometric tiles toilet


What drew you to the tiles you chose?

We also need to do our kitchen because that too is 30 years old and desperately needing updating and I had already found a patterned tile that I wanted to use for the splash backs. I decided to bring the pattern into the bathroom instead of the kitchen. The patterned tiles that I had found were super expensive tiles and when I realised how much they would cost just to do a little area I knew I have to find other patterned tiles so my search begun.

I searched everywhere and saw many patterned tiles which all weren’t right for one reason or another and then I came across yours. You had a few variations that were similar and so I ordered samples and settled on using 2 of them. They were the same pattern but the pattern on one was a scaled down version. I had also ordered lots of samples of your white metro tiles and picked the one that matched the patterned tiles.


metro tiles in bathroom


Did you do the tiling work yourself, or did you hire a tiler?

Since we were making a bathroom and a shower room out of a very large bathroom we employed a company to do everything.


What part of the project did you find the most challenging?

The part where I was told it would take two- three weeks and it ended up taking seven!


white metro tiles shower


When it comes to decorating your home, what would be your top tips?

Definitely to not rush in to doing your project. We could not afford to do our big projects right away and I know that had we done them immediately they would not be as nice as the end result. Waiting for the ideas to grow I think is a really good idea. The kitchen has already changed so many times. Walls have been knocked down and extensions have been mentally built to see how best the space can be utilised. I know that by the time we do settle on what to do it will be the best kitchen that we can do within our price range and I will be really happy with it. This is important since we will have to live with it for many years and it won’t be something you can just go and change.


wet room metro tiles


What’s your favourite accessory in the bathroom, now that it’s finished, and where did you find it?

Is my bathroom cabinet an accessory? I found that in a charity shop for £30 and painted it with farrow and ball, then put a tiled surface on top of it with a bowl sink. But I love my tap that comes out of the wall too which came from a local bathroom shop but I am not sure that is an accessory either. However I love the retro feel to the mirror above it which is a few years old now and from Ikea.


bathroom sink geometric tiles


Have you had any compliments on your project, from your family and friends?

Yes loads!

Do you have any more decorating projects lined up around the house?

The main things left to do are the kitchen and the main bedroom. I am quite excited about them and have ideas already.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution for your home?

Not really. Our house is an old house and although we have done quite a bit there is still a lot to do so there is always going to be a project in progress. But if I had to make one it would be to get the kitchen done this year.

What would you say to people who are thinking about buying tiles from Walls and Floors?

I had a great experience with Walls and Tiles so would definitely recommend other people use them and will certainly look again for myself.

Thank you, Claire! If you'd like us to create a Customer Style Focus on your home, get in touch at!







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