Toyin recently used our patterned Contour Hexagon Tiles to transform a bathroom floor space! We loved the finished result so much, we asked for an interview about the project...



How would you describe your room before you decorated it, and what made you decide to decorate?

We were having our Victorian home renovated and adding a new loft room with en suite. We started with a blank page with the design we wanted and I knew I wanted to be creative - whilst it’s a small shower room, I wanted it to have maximum impact.


What inspired the look you went for in the room?

I’ve always loved a grey palette, long before it became popular and whilst it’s the norm to have lots of white in bathrooms, especially when they are small, I wanted something a little more eye catching. We found the wall tiles first and I wanted a contrasting and exciting patterned floor tile that would be a good accent for the grey in the walls.


What drew you to the tiles you chose?

I saw the Contour Hexagon first in a design publication and knew it was the one. The hexagon shape was a style is seen done well before and everything about the tile was exactly the style I wanted. It took my fiancé a little more convincing but he loves the look now.



Did you do the tiling work yourself, or did you hire a tiler?

We had the same building firm that was doing the extensive work in the house to lay the tiles. They were more used to a neutral style for bathrooms and nicknames these the “crazy tiles”.


What part of the project did you find the most challenging?

We asked the tiler to do the back wall of the shower in the same Contour Hexagon tiles and he found it a little tricky with the awkward shape and matching this with the contrasting wall tiles. It took a little effort but it was worth it. The en suite itself was overall one of the easiest parts of our renovation and helped by the speedy tile delivery.


Have you had any compliments on your project, from your family and friends?

We’ve had lots of positive feedback from friends and family on the en suite - I think they thought it was a crazy choice in the beginning but they saw how it all came together to make a lovely design in the room. I’ve kept a renovation diary on Instagram and this has been the most popular room by far with lots of people asking where the tiles were from so lots of referrals back to Walls and Floors!



After this project, do you have any more decorating projects lined up around the house?

After the extensive work in 2017, we don’t have anything left to do to the house. We had a new kitchen space and now really love the home we have - sometimes I can’t believe it’s really ours!


What would you say to people who are thinking about buying tiles from Walls and Floors?

Just do it - your range of tiles and designs are great and your prices are very competitive too. Your customer service has been great throughout and the speedy deliveries were so helpful in allowing us to work to the short timelines the builders sometimes required. Thank you!


There you have it - an interview with Toyin. We hope you'll agree that the finished bathroom looks fantastic!


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