Deadpool Decor Scheme – Film Friday

In this edition of Film Friday, I’m turning the focus on motor-mouthed anti-hero Deadpool. Fresh from Marvel’s comic book world, this samurai-sword-wielding super hero stars in a new blockbuster, in which he’s played by Ryan Reynolds. What sets Deadpool aside from other superheroes, and makes him a blast with the fans? His talkative, smart-mouthed attitude, and his willingness to dish out a little violence. Deadpool’s costume is what makes him so iconic in the comic book world – red and black Spandex, with his trademark samurai swords. When it came to piecing together a Deadpool decor scheme, I decided to base it on his attire…

Deadpool scheme

1) Red retro squares rug. £24.95, The Rug House. 2) Deadpool canvas. £42, Red Bubble3) Red metal table lamp. £44.99, Argos. 4) Cookhouse kettle wall clock. £65, John Lewis. 5) Hooper side table. £99, 6) Planet Mars Mosaic Tile. £15.95 per Sqm, Walls and Floors. 7) Galaxy Mosaic Tiles. £15.95 per Sqm, Walls and Floors. 8) Funy handy sofa. £169.95, Furniture in Fashion.


Deadpool Movie Scene: Copyright FOX

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