How would you describe the Louisa Charlotte Collection?

The Louisa Charlotte collection gives an array of options allowing the home owner to follow the latest interior design trends. With a selection of elegant, contemporary tile designs, my vast range offers both a unique and stylish feel when applied to any room in the house. The statement wall coverings have been especially designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also to make a house a home.

What inspired the design in the Eden Collection?

My Eden Collection was inspired by themes of nature and shape, mixed with textural balance. The creeping vine pattern itself brings the element of efflorescence to life on your walls; allowing the eyes to follow the graceful décor. As the light glistens on the composition of the leaf vetrosa and gentle linear background, an elegant lustre is formed across the surface.

How does it feel to see your range online, knowing it will be appearing in the homes of people all over the UK?

It feels great, a real sense of accomplishment. It makes me feel that the product design and craft element of my degree at university was worthwhile. It was extremely satisfying to be able to use not only the skills, but research I have built up. I believe that is the greatest achievement a designer can attain is when a product is taken from what is known as ‘Cradle to Grave’, (the cradle being the idea, and the grave being its end use.) It makes me feel very proud, and hope that everybody likes my product as much as I do!

Have we seen the Eden Collection in its entirety, or is there more to come?

I believe that the Eden design is extremely adaptable to surface and colour, watch this space…

What other mediums would you like to explore?

I would like to explore all mediums, if a design is well thought out I’m certain it can be applied to anything!

Do you have any rules when it comes to design?

I like to always have a reason behind my designs; they are not formed ‘just because’.
I feel that I need to understand where exactly a design could fit within the market, and then I carry out extensive research into the latest trends in the form of both sketchbooks and mood boards to help suggest ideas for a final design which I can then tweak to perfection.

Are there any rules you like to work by?

I am a perfectionist! If I would not be happy with one of my designs in my own home, I would not be able to put my name to it. You should always try to achieve to the best of your ability.

What colours do you enjoy using the most?

I enjoy using colours with warmer connotations, however anything that is able to reflect light, especially with an iridescent finish; this is always a favourite as it creates a beautiful display of colours, allowing a miniature rainbow into a home that would not been seen otherwise.

What have you got lined up next?

I have recently attended several interior design shows including the Ideal Home Show, I was invited to the ‘House Beautiful’ VIP Morning within the Multi Generation House to view the property and meet both the Editor of the magazine and interior stylist of the house; Julia Goodwin. Upon talking to her and listening to her exclusive presentation, I was able to understand her thinking behind the house. This has lead me to consider that my next design should not only follow the latest interior trends and be adaptable upon its situation within the home, but also that I should consider a design which could be suitable for a multi generation target audience. My end user should be able to take the new design to an intimate personal level, making them feel extra special to own it – I believe that this will be a challenge that I will enjoy.

In your own words, what makes a house a home?

For me, a family makes a house a home, however sometimes a family is just a single person and their pet. Going back to the answer of my last question about the multi-generational houses, I think that perhaps adaptability is the key to making a house a ‘functional home’. Can a space be converted to a cosy snug just as easily as a dinner party? The choice of lighting, accessories and furniture is just as important as the décor, but once the perfect canvas is set the rest can be achieved with ease.

What inspires you at the moment?

I’m always inspired by what I see around me. Having attended a lot of Interior Design shows in the last 3 years, I am able to see not only new patterns and trends, but identify themes that have kept a prominent place within interior design today. One of the themes that is always popular is Embellishment,. It has the ability to be dressed up or down as the end user sees fit, it’s not only suitable for the home, but for commercial environments such as hotels, restaurants and leisure complexes as this trend oozes luxury connotations.

I’m also always inspired by Pantone’s annual colour palettes. My advice for anyone designing a new interior would be to apply a colour palette first and build the trend into it to get the best results. Pantone have recently announced their colour palettes for home furnishing for 2015 as follows:

‘Style Setting’
‘Urban Jungle’
‘Tinted Medley’
‘Past Traces’

My Favourite being; ‘Serendipity’, this palette is true of the literal meaning of the word – a happy accident. It brings together an unexpected combination of colours – vibrant orange, hot pink, deep scarlet and the golden glow of a mustard yellow engage with cooler pastel tones of blue, green and purple under a watchful the watchful eye of a muted taupe, making a lively combination that also has a restful, gentle undercurrent.

I also particularly like ‘Botanicum’, again true of the botanicals, this palette is lifted directly from undertones of flora and foliage, a selection of colours filled with luscious hues of green, purple and mink, often counter-balanced with more muted dusty shadings of blue and orchid. When combined, a sophisticated, yet essential natural palette emerges – this is perfect for some of the new trends that have emerged.

Are you noticing any new trends in interior design?

I have carried out research into the latest trends for 2014; my three favourites are labelled as:

‘Stunning Temper’ - This playful style is full of cheer, giving the end user a great opportunity to express themselves.  A joyful colour palette includes vibrant colours such as lime greens, raspberry reds, warm oranges/lemons and base shades of light grey. Surprise is what determines the choice of materials; Decorations are arranged extravagantly as they welcome surreal experimentation with a composition of materials and forms.

‘Subtle Spirit’ - This theme offers more of a discreet high quality style that makes way for an exceptionally refined aesthetic. Key elements are comfort, intimacy and warmth for this trend - the harmony between the compositions determines interior design. With nuanced colours of Jade, Mauve and matt Gold accentuating the delicate play of colours such as midnight Blue, Fir and Aubergine, stylish items of particular elegance are displayed to best advantage adding a touch of Asian enchantment.

‘Serene Nature’ – Celebrating the magic of the pristine; a trend of natural materials and simple shapes, provides perfect tranquillity for a uncomplicated accessories emphasise the unobtrusive primal beauty of this style.  The palette includes a mix of pastels, pale shades of greys and charcoal colours. Items made ​​of natural stone; wood and cork create a smooth transition from the interior to the landscape, blurring the boundaries between home and nature, always soigné and elegant. – not to be mistaken for the more rustic trend of returning nature which is also still highly popular from the latter part of 2013.

Whose home would you most like to decorate and why?

I would like to be given the chance to decorate/style a home that is featured at one of the interior shows, I think it would be a great opportunity to get my approach to design including my character, across to a wide audience and encourage people to take an interest in me and my collection.

Tell us a unique fact about yourself?!

I’m in the process of getting a puppy, so will be ‘pet proofing’ my home and thinking of names!

Come and take a look at the Eden Collection.



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