Louisa Charlotte is our exclusive designer here at Walls and Floors! She recently walked 67km, raising £2,625 for Marie Curie Cancer Care!


The stylish Louisa Charlotte Collection is appearing in homes up and down the UK - bringing its unique charm into the kitchens, bathrooms and living areas of Brits from Land's End to Inverness! Her latest release, The Eden Tile Collection, has also proven to be a hit. An eye-catching mix of floral displays and linear feature pieces, it is collecting some real attention in the world of interior design. Now, Louisa Charlotte is giving something back! She's taking on a feat of extreme endurance, to help aid a charity very close to her heart.


Marie Curie Cancer Care - A Worthy Cause

Over the last five years, Louisa Charlotte has lost a lot of people to cancer, and some still suffer from it to this day. One shining beacon in the dark has been Marie Curie Cancer Care. They're a group of nurses who are specialists at caring for people suffering from cancer. There are nine Marie Curie hospices across the UK, in need of constant funding. The charity also offers home nursing. Louisa thoroughly appreciates the hard work they put in, and has put together a team to complete the London to Brighton 100km Challenge.


'I have lost a lot of family due to cancer over the last 5 years and also have family that continue to suffer. I think it's important to support the Marie Curie nurses just as much as Cancer Research because sadly there is no cure so making a patient's life as comfortable as possible is just as important. Having done the Swimathon for 4 years in a row, I decided it was time for a new challenge.'




The Challenge - London to Brighton

The challenge in questions starts on Saturday 24th May 2014, and runs through into Sunday 25th May. Starting at Richmond in London, Louisa and her team will attempt to walk 100 kilometres cross-country, ending up at the Brighton Race Course. This incredibly feat of endurance will last around 24 hours. Walking through the night, Louisa and her team will go without sleep - stopping only at the various checkpoints for brief intervals.




Show your support - ways to donate

If you would like to join us in supporting Louisa on this fantastic challenge, there are two ways to donate:

Firstly, you can head over to Louisa's Just Giving page and leave a donation there.

Secondly, you can text 'LCMC99 £3' to 70070. This will donate £3 to Louisa's fantastic cause.

Update on 19/06/2014:


The total amount raised

Louisa completed 67.7 kilometres of the challenge. That's around the distance of one and a half marathons! In total, her team raised £2,625 for Marie Curie Cancer Care. On the certificate she received from the charity, it states that this fantastic amount will pay for 131 hours of Marie Curie nurse care - a great achievement.




A word from Louisa Charlotte

'Ever since I was little, my mum owned the florist at the Kettering General Hospital, where there was a Marie Curie badge machine. My Nan always gave me a £1 to put in the machine and collect the badges every time there was a new one.


My Nan, unfortunately, became ill with lung cancer, and it was the Marie Curie nurses who helped our family take care of her. Over the past few years I have also lost both my auntie and uncle to cancer and currently have other family members’ suffering. I think it’s important to support the Marie Curie nurses, just as much as cancer research, because sadly there is no cure, so making a patient’s life as comfortable as possible is incredibly important. For every £20 my team and I have raised, this provides an hour of nursing care for a cancer sufferer.


Over the past four years I have taken part in the five kilometre Swimathon for Marie Curie at Easter. However this year I decided to take on a new challenge to raise substantial funds for my favourite charity. The London to Brighton 100 km challenge is known as one of the UK’s greatest endurance events, so it was sure to test both my strength and determination. I decided I would not be able to take part in the challenge alone, so I enlisted the help of my family and friends: Tracey Swannell, Tansy Curtis, Chloe Wilson, Trudy Jessiman, Rachel Fox and Carl Peach. From the beginning of January everyone gave up a tremendous amount of time to train to build up their stamina and strength.




On the rainy morning of the walk, we travelled to Old Deer Park in Richmond, London at 5.00 am. We registered and were ready to start for 9.40 am. An hour into the walk the sun came out, and the first stage was lovely taking in the sights along the River Thames. However, as the stages progressed the rain set in and made the walking conditions extremely tough. Two-thirds of the trek was off-road, through fields and up farm tracks, and as the rain had been constant, the ground had unfortunately softened to a thick bog. I have never experienced so much mud in all my life; it put a lot of strain on everyone in the team, especially those who were already suffering with painful blisters. As the night drew in and it got darker and colder, walking in the mud became increasingly difficult. So after a quick stop and a rest we all pushed hard and made it to 67.7 kilometres. At this point we were unfortunately greeted by torrential downpours, having been awake and walking for over twenty-four hours we all agreed this was the point to stop.


Unfortunately, as we didn’t complete the 100 kilometres and reach the Brighton racecourse; we didn’t get a medal or a champagne finish, however we are very proud of our achievement and we raised £2625.00 for Marie Curie Cancer Care UK.


After resting for a day at home, my father arranged for a celebration with family and friends and we made the decision to complete our challenge! The website, promoting the London to Brighton walk for 2015, has a new option, to take part and complete the second half of the walk (44.4 kilometres); I shall be signing up to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care UK once more.'


A word from the director

Richard Greenbank, director at Walls & Floors Limited commented: “Here at Walls & Floors, we are extremely proud of Louisa and more than happy to support Louisa in this fantastic cause. She gave up her well-deserved weekend break, investing both her time and energy to embark on this worthwhile walk.


“Drawing motivation from past experiences, Louisa found the determination and strength to help Marie Curie. None of us can be sure what the future holds, but one thing we do know is that Marie Curie nurses help many in their time of need, and can continue to do so, thanks to the efforts of fundraisers like Louisa."



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