Di(vine) inspiration: Why the Colour Green is Taking Over Interior Design in 2021

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Green has been making an appearance in interior design over the course of 2020 and in to 2021 – and I’ve been keeping an eye on it. But why exactly is Green so big right now, what are the experts saying, and more importantly, how can you implement it into your home without feeling overpowered by it?

Inspiration: It All Stems From Plants…

You only have to search ‘#greeninteriordesign’ on Instagram to find botanical inspiration running wild in people’s homes.

In an increasingly ‘un-natural’ world – and by this I mean due to the rise of technology and industry – we spend less time surrounded by nature. The Biophilic interior design trend of 2020 is increasingly popular in bringing wellness into the home through leafy means, whether that means accessorising with plants, having botanic-printed accessories or having sustainably harvested furniture. As a result, the colour Green has been profoundly more common in people’s homes.

“Where we live and work can significantly influence our physical health as well as our emotional state of mind. Therefore, it’s essential to create environments that positively stimulate our senses, that enhance productivity, creativity or relaxation, and that have health and wellness benefits to the people using them. “

The New and Reclaimed Flooring Co, Nov 2019

Not to capitalise on negativity, but the unfortunate reality of 2020 has a part to play, too. UK lock-down due to the dreaded not-to-be-named virus meant outside visitation was incredibly limited for the whole of the Spring season.

Biophilia is a biological predisposition to love plants as a result of evolution, with scientific research supporting that the absence of them in our lives can cause physical and mental stress¹. So, the absence of spending time outdoors in potentially the most superfluously luscious season caused humans to bring the outside, in. Alas: Botanic interior design.


Colour Psychology

Naturally the colour Green is therefore derived from this innate desire to obsess over plants, and association is made between plants and feelings of nurture, prosperity and happiness.

This only gives you all the more reason to introduce Green into your home – it literally will make you happy, and it is scientifically proven to do so.

Furthermore, Dulux announced its Colour of the Year for 2020 to be ‘Tranquil Dawn’…

Surprise, it’s Green!

Well, Green hue-d. Bold greens are daring for a lot of people, and I’m seeing an increase in neutral-toned pastel colours in our customer posts and tags, demonstrating people want to try out colour but in a subtle way. Relaxing and calming colours evoke balance, and in this period of instability, balance helps re-stabilise emotion and the mind. Green (and plants) offer this at home, scientifically proven, as above mentioned.

Christian Coop, Co-founder of Hygge & West furthers this replacement of neutrals with colour in his industry knowledge:

“Neutrals will be replaced by warm colours, saturated hues and jewel tones. Tiles […] serve as opportunities for more colours.”

Christian Coop, Hygge & West

So, saturated hues and jewel tones are in – neutrals are out. And even better, tiles are a great way to introduce colours and open doors to interior design you may not have even considered before. Therefore, with some di(vine) inspiration, here are our top Green tiles to introduce into your home sanctuary (or large terrarium).

Our Top Pick Green Tiles

Victorian Green Metro Tiles

Speaking of jewel tones, inject some Emerald fantasy in to your home with our Victorian Green Metro Tiles. Their high-shine finish is definitely reminiscent of precious stones.

We love the regal aesthetic by pairing them with striking gold accents, or even rose gold, for an opulent look. Add a plant or two and you have your happy place!

Pickett™ Bevelled Mint Tiles

Our Pickett™ tiles are the perfect balance between traditional Metro Tiles and the modern Hexagon trend I saw blow up in 2017, and it is still on-trend now.

The soft mint Green pairs exceptionally well with crisps whites, or even other pastel colours. I love them with Marble for the ultimate spa-vibes.

Aquarelle Pistachio Green Tiles

If you want to design a neutral paradise with a soft accent colour, our Aquarelle Tiles in Pistachio Green are for you.

I think in a country-inspired kitchen, these would be the perfect ‘something’ to modernise and brighten your home for a fresh feel.

Hoxley Peacock Tiles

These colourful ceramic square wall tiles in Peacock play with light, and use crisscrossing lines to generate visual effect! 

They add a three-dimensional feel to any wall, perfect for that ‘life-like’ texture. Oh, and surprise! They’re paired with a plant here.

Check out more Green tiles here.

Congratulations! You know now the psychological phenomenon on why Green is an interior design trend right now – I hope I gave you some insight as well as some inspiration.

Abby (a new blogmaster for Walls and Floors)