Earlier in the month, over on our Facebook page, we asked YOU for your DIY and decorating tips! We wanted to know how many little nuggets of wisdom were hiding out there, when it comes to tackling decorating projects around the house. You guys replied in the scores, with great advice covering all aspects of decorating - from painting, through to drilling holes in the wall, through to the best tiling practices. Here are our favourite decorating and DIY tips...


painting tips and advice


Painting tips and advice

Charlotte - Only paint in the day light.

Sharon - Save old sheets to chuck over furniture when painting.

Callum - Wrap a rubber band around an open paint pot, and scrape the excess off on the band. It stops it from dripping down the sides and getting everywhere.

Michele - Wrap rollers and brushes tightly in cling film between coats of paint to save keep washing them

Jan - When painting using a roller, cover the roller tray with good quality cling film that sticks to the tray. After finishing painting, put left over paint in paint pot, take off the cling film from your roller tray, and hey presto, you have a clean roller tray!

Amy - Use masking tape for edges and clean lines.

Sidrah - Use old curtains or old sheets to use on the floor when you are painting.

Stephanie - I think preparation is the key. Remove anything valuable and cover anything you can't move.

Matthew - Remove curious cats and dogs from area whilst painting... Otherwise, you'll get some animals idea of impressionist art on your carpet!

Susan - Keep a clean damp cloth hand when painting to wipe any drips as you go, saves so much time in the long run.

Gwen - Keep baby wipes to hand. They're great for paint spills.


Drilling wall


Drilling, screwing and nailing tips

Tracey - When drilling holes, tape an open envelope below to catch dust... less mess.

Diane - when drilling, have the hoover nozel ready to collect the dust.

Gerri - When knocking in nails or tacks put them through a piece of cardboard first, it makes them much easier to hold and your fingers won't get hammered!

Debbie - To prevent screws from coming loose, put a drop or two of clear nail polish into the hole before you finish tightening the screw.

Hannah - If you're nailing into a wall and have nothing to hold the nail with use tweezers

Lynn - When putting a nail into a plaster wall, place a piece of Scotch tape over the spot first... it prevents chipping the plaster.


tiling process


Tiling tips

Lynne - Put an old duvet or large sheets in the bath when removing old tiles ..... it will protect the bath from getting scratched and chipped during the process.

Billy - Don't make my mistake. Add 5 - 10% onto your tile order for wastage / cut pieces. I got caught short.

Vickie - Always start tiling from the middle of the wall or floor. Then the cut tiles at the sides will be symmetrical.

John - If your goal is to brighten up a room, use light tiles with a bevelled edge. The angled bevel helps bounce light around the room.

Carol - When drilling holes in tiles put clear tape over where you are drilling, it should stop the tiles from cracking


tartan cushions


Decorating, styling and life hack ideas

Louisa - Using a mirror in your interior design scheme will make a small room seem larger

Dawn - Don't have everything 'matching'. It's old fashioned and can be expensive if you fancy a change. Go 'eclectic'-so much more interesting on the eye and less fuddy-duddy.

Dee - Use cushions and accessories to add a pop of colour around the house.

Eileen - Use cling film over the top of a vase then poke flowers and/or foliage into place. No need for oasis and they stay fresher longer!


Tape measure DIY


General DIY do's and don'ts

Chris - Measure Twice, Cut Once. You can always cut off more but you can never add back

Martin - Always wear old clothing when doing any DIY, you don't want to ruin your best t-shirt!



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