DIY SOS: Cheltenham: New Home for Paralympics Hopeful

In a recent episode of DIY SOS, Nick Knowles and the team were in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire to help improve the life of disabled 17-year-old Scott Jones. As ever, Walls and Floors were on hand to help out.

DIY SOS team

Paralympic dreams

Having been incredibly sporty growing up, Scott enjoyed rugby, and had just taken up athletics when tragedy struck. Following the removal of a tumour inside his ear, Scott suffered 3 strokes in the space of 5 months. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t swallow, and he couldn’t sit up unaided.


Now, Scott has regained his ability to speak, but a series of seizures have left him confined to a wheelchair. He struggles with taking in new information, and he can only write backwards. However, he has not lost his love for sports, and trains constantly in rowing, with views to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics!

scott training fir paralympics

A helping hand from DIY SOS

His home, which was built in the 1960s, was very restrictive for a person living with disabilities. Scott’s wheelchair couldn’t fit into certain rooms, such as the downstairs toilet, so he was having to drag himself around on the floor. It was time for a change, and the DIY SOS team were keen to provide it. They set to work creating a home capable of reuniting Scott with his independence. They added an extension, lowered the kitchen units, and more accessible bathroom with a wet room. The whole house went through a re-wire, and all the lighting and heating can now be controlled via a mobile, meaning that Scott has control of the house in the palm of his hand, without having to move from the spot.

cork tiles kitchen

Cork Tiles: The perfect cushioned floor

Scott occasionally navigates the floor without the aid of his wheelchair, so the flooring would have to be fairly cushioned for comfort, whilst at the same time firm, to allow the wheels of Scott’s chair to pass over them without causing damage. That’s where Walls and Floors come into the story. When the DIY SOS designer, Shaun, approached us to ask for some flooring to use throughout the ground floor of the house, we were very happy to assist.

We decided to provide cork tiles. Whilst being very trendy (they regularly appear in Ideal Home and good Homes Magazine), they’re also quite soft upon impact. We sent 90 Sqm to the DIY SOS team, and the tiles were used them to cover the floor spaces throughout the ground floor of Scott’s new and improved home. They provide a warm and trendy base to the stylish new look.

cork tiles hallway DIY SOS

cork tiles living room

cork tiles dinig room

cork tiles bedroom floor ideas

The DIY SOS team also created a chill out space for Scott’s mum in the form of a small, relaxed sewing room. Our cork tiles were used to create a contemporary pinboard wall where she can pin any notes or keepsakes.

cork tiles office wall

Training space

Moving out into the garden, the team created an outdoor gym with easily accessible weights and machinery, to help Scott train for his dream of winning gold in the Tokyo 2016 paralympics. Best of all, the team managed to secure Scott some funding for the next games! Scott has got his sights set on gold!

garden training centre

home gym in garden for disabled teenager

The big reveal

Scott was overwhelmed as Nick Knowles showed him around his adapted home. He loved the outdoor training space, which will help him move towards to dream of winning gold, but he especially loved his new, bespoke, accessible kitchen, which now has lowered units that allow him to cook for his family.

cork tiles entrance

cork tiles diy sos hallway

Scott DIY SOS in kitchen

DIY SOS oven

We here at Walls and Floors are happy to have contributed to this project, to help improve the life of this spectacular young man, and we look forward to seeing him win gold in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

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  • Paula Heeley
    Paula Heeley on September 30, 2016 at 10:39 am
    Bravo! It is lovely so see and hear about heartwarming stories like this, so a huge thank you for your help on this one.

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