DIY SOS in Hessle: 7 Sqm of Hexagon Tiles Donated

Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS were in Hessle, near Hull, recently to help transform the home - and lives - of Darren and his family. Walls and Floors donated 7 Sqm of White Gloss Hexagon Tiles for the project's accessible kitchen.



The family

Roofer Darren and his wife Sarah lived in Hessle with their three children. One of the children, Ollie, was sadly born with water on the brain and epilepsy, meaning he can't walk or talk. His bedroom is downstairs and he requires constant care.

Due to multiple injuries during his roofing career, Darren suffered some serious nerve damage and became confined to a wheelchair. Unable to get around the house, he had to share the downstairs bedroom with his disabled son.



On boxing day morning, the youngest son found that Sarah, his mother, had sadly passed away. This left Darren to care for the three children, which led to the oldest son quitting his career with the Navy to help out around the house, since it's so inaccessible.

Sounds like a job for the DIY SOS team!


The big build

That's where Nick Knowles, DIY SOS, and their enormous army of volunteers came into the picture - to transform the  inaccessible home into a usable space with lower kitchen units, a wheelchair friendly garden, a man cave annex and a Jacuzzi with a winch, and a lift between the two storeys, to allow Darren to reclaim his upstairs bedroom, and move him out of his son's room.



It was a huge task, but the team managed to pull it off. The kitchen, in particular, was a huge success. Its new lower units mean that Darren now has the ability to cook for his family once again; with a specially adapted hob that drops down to wheelchair height.



The tiles

In the completely renovated (and totally accessible) new kitchen space, the DIY SOS team installed a splashback of trendy Gloss White Hexagon Tiles. We donated 7 Sqm to the project, from our stylish Rokkakkei Hexagon Tile collection.



They create a highly attractive backdrop to the kitchen space. More importantly, they act as an easily wipeable surface that catches any specks of pan fat or moisture from the hob or sink.



As always, we're incredibly impressed with the work that DIY SOS, and are always extremely happy to provide the materials they need to carry out their incredible craft.



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