DIY SOS: The Big Build in Loughborough!

Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS: Big Build team are back – and this time, they’re in Loughborough, helping the Corn family – Mark and Jenny and their three daughters; 3-year-old Abigail and 2-year-old twins Emelia and Katie. The project designer approached us at Walls and Floors, and asked if we could provide some tiles for the bathroom renovation. Of course, we were only too happy to help out, and provided some stylish Blue Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles.


The family

Mark met cancer survivor Jenny on holiday, back in 2003. They fell in love, and started trying for children; resulting in rounds of fertility treatment, and the devastation of giving birth to stillborn twins. At last, their miracle baby, Abigail, was born. Shortly after, Jenny fell pregnant again – with twins, this time. Born unexpectedly at home on the bathroom floor, Emelia and Katie were two months premature, and required some resuscitation upon birth. The identical twins were diagnosed with achondroplasia; a form of dwarfism which means their limbs are slightly out of proportion, and that they will always be fairly short. Along with achondroplasia comes numerous medical complications, such as bowing legs and breathing difficulties. As a result of this, the home has become overrun with medical equipment – including bulky oxygen cannisters which are needed for the twins at night; especially Emelia, who has chronic lung disease.

With little storage space, the home has become cluttered and cramped, with no room for the girls to run around in. As the twins grow older, and remain to be short, their independence in the home will be drastically limited, unless the house can be adapted to their height.  With Mark being diagnosed with aggressive bowel and liver cancer back in 2013, the family deserved a little help in improving their home into a space that works for them all. Cue the entrance of the DIY SOS: Big Build team!


The project

Nick Knowles and the team moved in, and the Corn family moved out. The DIY SOS team had just 9 days to complete an incredible renovation, which would include extending the house to give Mark and Jenny an enlarged bedroom to relax in at the end of their day – and extending the living area to give the girls additional room to play and run around in. With their army of 60 local tradesmen volunteers, and dozens of different suppliers chipping in with all the materials and accessories they could ever need, the team set to work transforming the home.


The reveal

When Mark and Jenny came home and were shown around the house, they were shocked at what a fantastic job the team had done – transforming their home from top to bottom.


The kitchen, dining room and living area had all been updated with stylish new fittings in a free-flowing, spacious, open-plan design – giving their little ones much more freedom to move around in. In the kitchen, thinking ahead, bespoke low-level work surfaces were been fitted, with slide-out anti-slip steps beneath; allowing the twins the reach to make full use of the kitchen when they get a little older.


Upstairs, in the bathroom, the controls of the shower unit had been lowered so that the twins could reach them easily. Also, steps had been built in, leading up to the bath tub – allowing the twins (when they’re a little older) the independence to get in and out of the tub without any assistance. On these steps, our Blue Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles have been used – adding a trendy, contemporary and fresh finish. Mosaics, depending on the design, tend to offer an anti-slip finish; so the twins will be perfectly safe making their way in and out of the bath.





Moving outside, the garden has been renovated too – perfect for playing in and enjoying all summer long. The team even installed an awesome teepee playhouse at the bottom of the garden, as a cool hangout for the three young sisters.


We’re sure you’ll agree that the DIY SOS team, once again, did a fantastic job! Well done, guys!



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