DIY Stories: The Winner and Other Entries

DIY kit

Throughout April, we ran our DIY Stories competition! We asked for your funny / disastrous DIY and decorating stories. The prize? A fab DIY kit complete with tools, a £50 Walls and Floors voucher and a £50 Restaurant Choice voucher to spend at thousands of establishments across the UK. We’ve chosen our winner…

And the winner is…

Maggie Skomro entered our competition with a tale of excessive paint disaster. We’ve chosen her as the winner of our DIY kit. Here’s here entry…

Maggie: Once I painted my little boys bedroom to the dismay of my hubby that I used 5 litres for just one very small wall… It was about an inch thick and took him ages to scrape it all off .. I’m not allowed to hold a paintbrush now.


Colourful paint can selection

Some of our other favourites…

Rebecca: Hubby hammered a nail into a floorboard/waterpipe upstairs. Leaked through the living room ceiling. #BigTrouble

Laura: Once fit our own new taps on sink, the pipe burst and we had a huge flood all down the stairs! #DIYstories DIY disasters!

Dave: Mum was out. Lit a fire, fence alight! Sanded it. Mum returns ‘What u been doing?’ ‘Nothing.’ ‘Why is ur face black?’

Mel: Fell off the ladder whilst painting the dining room. Result, fractured and dislocated little finger!

Jojo: When still at parents’ house, I painted my skirting boards & windowsill black. Knocked pot over; ruined carpet!

Esta: Watching as my newly painted ceiling peeled away in long, wet strips of paint onto the floor

Alison M: My dad tried to smoke out a wasps nest and set fire to the hedge

Linsey: I staggered off my ladder & put my foot in the paint tray white paint splattered on my bonnie cream carpet

Sarah: My silly story is removing the dado around my bedroom but pulling off half the wall too

Dan: Stupidly I let the wife hit a nail while I was holding it, but she hit my thumb nail instead.

Emily: Sick of our dogs’ cage taking up space, so I made him his own house under the stairs

Rachael: I may or may not have drilled straight through into another room knocking the mirror from the wall Rachel: I accidentally smashed our bathroom window with a nail gun trying to show off while hubby was working in there Jean: It took me hours painting living room ceiling. I was pleased with my work until hubby told me i used gloss Ooops



Angie: My parrot Messha like to help with everything, she got her tail in paint then trailed it all over the floor

June: Filled-remade hole with hammer& S.driver-fell off-used drill-fell off-Nailed it-Hid it Hayley: My dad re- wireing the bedroom lights only for the front room light to come on when u flick the switch Hehe

Kayleigh: Laying the wooden flooring and only realising the cupboard door wouldn’t then open afterwards! #DIYstories

Jacqui: Uncle is a hopeless DIYer. Got distracted using drill which wrapped round trouser leg & ripped off below knee!

Emma: Son decided to help with painting, ended up needing new sofa and carpet due to him dropping the paint tin!



Mel: After I’d painted my front door & I’d left it open to dry, my neighbour’s blind dog managed to barge his way in. He ended up with white patches, I ended up with a furry front door and a hall with random white splodges where he’d bumped his way around when I tried to get him out!

Andrew: Papered a friends lounge in Laura Ashley paper , she was pleased until her father told her I had put it all upside down.

Emma: I got a “dream” sign for our bedroom, husband put it on back to front so it now reads “maerd” when asked why, his response was he thought it was that as that’s our families initials! (Photo to follow!) Matthew, Amy, Emma, Rob, Dan!

Emma G: That moment when you decide to get up on the step ladder to do a quick bit of painting to refresh the white walls, you get just behind the bathroom door, and your child barges through to see what you’re up to…. Mess o’clock

Claire: My ex decided to help out with some painting and it really wasnt his thing so i felt quite appreciative, on returning from work, he had painted all the wood without prepping!!!! Painted over dead flies, the lot, you can only imagine, funny now, but not at the time

Ruth: Washing out gloss brushes in a stainless steel sink !!!! Blocking the drain and ruining the sink Melissa: thankyou for the chance xx to pick one of many Diy storys, me wallpaper and walls frown emoticon didnt go well, it didnt stay on the wall haha

Donna: My husband was changing skirting board in the bathroom and accidentally hit the toilet, water leaked everywhere. Claimed on house insurance and the insurance had to match the pale blue toilet with the rest of the bathroom suite. That 1 toilet cost approx £1000. Would have been cheaper to change the complete suite

Jan: Many years ago my husband was relocated to York for work leaving me in London with the kids to sell our house. The hall, stairs and landing really needed redecorating so I got stuck in painting and papering. We had really high ceilings and I am only 5′ 2″ so I ended up standing precariously on the banister rail with a broom to smooth down the long drops from the landing to the stairs. They turned out great but for speed I had chosen ready pasted wallpaper and one strip at the bottom of the stairs just would not stick at the top and kept falling down. I tried pasting the wall and using extra paste on the paper but it was still no go. In my frustration I got out the stapler and after smoothing it down stapled the top to the wall haha. It dried out fine and luckily I was able to cover the staples with coving. Hubby took great pleasure in embarrassing me by telling all our friends about this


Keri: I think DIY disaster runs in my family! When I moved into my first home, I decided to paint it top to bottom. Was doing quite well – chose the paint, the brushes, my overalls and sheets wink emoticon Attempted the ceiling, finding it very tricky on the step ladders, and ended up tumbling off them, and fractured my ankle from falling funny! My brother, however tops it all. He did my lights, and somehow wired them wrong, and on is off and vice versa. He built me a small wall in the garden…it didn’t even last a winter before it blew down!!! I have many more to tell you…. We are total DIY disasters

Simon: Quick 5 min job to fit curtain pole. I drilled one of the holes through mains to the lights, flash, drill flew out of my hands and stopped working. I had borrowed this. Had to get an electrician in to repair the damage. Had to replace the drill. Expensive curtain pole!!

Tim: I worked at a tool hire shop, we hired out to both pros and home DIYers. One guy hired a Hilti nail gun, he wasn’t sure which cartridges he’d need so we gave him a range of colours and powers with the warning to use them in order from weakest up to make sure they weren’t too powerful When we went to pick up all the stuff he’d hired the Monday after, we found he’d done the work planned and as a lot used to do..had a moment thinking what else he could do while he had the tools to get his money worth. In his case he’d decided to put a ladder rack up in his garage, so he’d made a frame and tied it up to the roof joists and run along it with the nail gun fixing it. When he untied it, it fell down apart from one fixing , he’d used the red and black cartridges he had left which had gone through the wooden rack, and the breezeblock wall….AND his next door neighbour’s Volvo estate along most of it’s length. He didn’t save much money.

Hannah: Every time my dad builds something from ikea he seems to get something wrong. The latest is putting cupboard doors on upside down, this meant that the handles were at ankle height rather than waist height! Not ideal!

Emily: I’ve got my eye on those chocolate fingers! My worst DIY story involves me, and two of my friends at 15 years old, painting my bedroom walls black. Very chic. I managed to kick over a full tin of black paint onto my cream carpet. We panicked so hard that we were on our hands and knees, desperately scooping up paint back into the tin and getting it all over ourselves. Needless to say, my parents weren’t best pleased!

Sue: My hubby was helping his brother replace his windows with double glazing windows. When they were removing one of the windows, it closed shut trapping his ear..very painful..ouch!

Ashley: My mum decided she didn’t like the ceiling rose in the living room anymore and was going to take it down. So she got on a ladder and armed with a chisel ripped it away from the ceiling, leaving a 2 foot gaping hole in the ceiling!! As the desired effect was to have no ceiling rose she declared this mission accomplished and for 5 years lived with that hole in the ceiling until someone fixed it for her 6 months ago

Hayley: I have not got any pic’s but some years ago when i was little my dad TRIED to rewire some lights in the bedroom, well me and my mum was in the front room while he was doing the work, he then shouted down to us its still not working as he was flicking on the bedroom light switch, To our amusement the front room light came on instead we could not stop laughing, My mum shouted back well its working in here lol so everytime you flick the light switch in the bedroom the front room light came on Hehe

Tina: Wow what a fabulous giveaway thank you so much ~ my #DIYstories my hubby had to shave a few millimetres off each door as we had new carpet fitted and we couldn’t shut them, so doors all off and the shaving began, doors now ready to go back on only to find out he had haven the wrong end off

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