DIY Survival Kit: Everything you need for #DIYweek!

The February half term is almost here. You know what that means – DIY Week! It runs from Saturday 15th – Sunday 23rd Feb. With the kids off school, DIY Week provides the perfect window to complete all those DIY projects. From giving the fence a lick of paint, through to doing a spot of tiling.

DIY Survival Kits – A helping hand from Walls and Floors!

To help you out this DIY Week, we’re giving away 5 fantastic DIY Survival Kits. They contain everything you need to crack on with those tiling projects (minus the tiles, adhesive and grout)! From the mixing bucket and tiling tools, through to the biscuits and teabags. You’ll even find a £15 iTunes voucher in your kit; perfect for downloading some music to listen to whilst you’re working! We’ll also include a stylish Walls and Floors branded shirt and hi-vis! As well as all the practical bits and bobs, you’ll also receive a personalised discount code – so you can save some money off your next tiling project!

Tiling Survival Kit

How to enter – Tell us your stories!

If all of the above sounds pretty tempting and you want your very own kit, you’ll need to enter the competition! Here’s how: head over to our Facebook or twitter and comment/tweet one of your favourite #DIYstories! A little tale about one of your home improvement projects going wrong, or something funny that happened during it. Between Monday 10th and Friday 14th, we’ll be giving one Survival Kit away each day to our favourite stories!

Here’s an example story, from one of the guys at Walls and Floors:

‘After about fifteen years of living in our house, we decided it was time to re-do our bathroom. So we stripped it all out – ready to put all the new fittings in, only to find that our old bath-tub was being propped up by nothing by an old, rusty biscuit tin! All those baths we’d had over the years, and the only thing taking our weight was a haggard old shortbread tin!’

The contents of the DIY Survival Kit…

So what will you actually get in the kit? Let’s break it down, piece by piece:


1) iTunes Voucher

This £15 iTunes Voucher will provide the backing music for your DIY project! Just hop onto the Mac, iPod, iPad or iPhone and download some albums!

BAL Tiling Mixiing bucket

2) BAL Mixing Bucket

From world renowned manufacturer of adhesives and grouts, comes this large and sturdy mixing bucket! Ideal for mixing your powdered adhesives and grouts to the perfect consistencies before application!


3) TileRite Tile Cutter

This nifty little cutter from TileRite will slice through tiles up to 400mm wide and up to 10mm thick! Perfect for quickly and efficiently nipping those tiles into shape!


4) Assorted accessories

As part of the TileRite set we’re including in the DIY Survival Kit, you’ll receive this bag of goodies! It includes a pair of vinyl gloves for protecting your hands from stains and irritant substances. There’s also a china marker pencil – for drawing out the lines you want to cut along. There’s a grout spreader for distributing the grout across your tile display, and a grout finisher for giving you the perfect grout-lines once the job is done. You’ll also get a tile trimmer – an abrasive coated mesh, made for shaping ceramic tiles. The 2mm tile spacers are incredibly handy, and the sponge is perfect for cleaning up afterwards!


5) Goggles

These goggles will help protect your eyes from any stray shards of ceramic, when smashing out those old tiles to make room for your new ones!


6) Polythene Dust Sheet

Don’t make too much mess – cover your floors and furniture with this handy dust sheet. It will catch any debris or droplets of adhesive and grout!




7) TileRite Tile Trowel

From trusted manufacturers TileRite, this tile trowel is a crucial tool when tiling! Spread your underlay of adhesive with ease with this 6mm tile trowel!



8) Hand sanitizer

Give those hands a good scrub after working, to get rid of any residue! Then you can tuck into the delicious treats we’re also providing in this kit!







9) Biscuits

We’ve gone and bought a selection of biscuits for you to enjoy on your tea breaks! You’ll get one of the above packets in your kit!






10) Tea, coffee or hot chocolate

How about a nice, refreshing drink to wash those biscuits down with? In your DIY Survival Kit, you’ll find either a pack of coffee, a pack of teabags, or an assortment of delicious hot chocolates!


11) Mug

You’ll also get a brand new mug to make your brew in! An essential tool to any worker!


12) Tissues

Wipe those lips clean on our complimentary pack of tissues! Yes, we truly have thought of everything.

You’ll also get a Walls and Floors branded shirt and hi-vis! Perfect attire for your DIY jobs!

Your personalised discount code

In your DIY Survival Kit, you’ll find a letter addressed to you personally. In it will be a discount code for your next tiling project! You code will be completely personalised to you, and will even include your name!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Facebook and twitter, and start sharing your #DIYstories.


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