Don’t Move, Improve: What You Can Do With Mosaic Tiles

Pizzazz mosaic tiles

We know how it can be – coming home to the same drab decor every night, after a hard day at work. Stepping through that front door to be faced with the same wine-stained carpet, the same faded floral wallpaper, the same sun-worn furniture. You get so bored of the drabness and over-familiarity that you feel like moving home – sticking the house on the market, and looking for some place new – just for a change of scenery. We’re here to show you that there’s no need!

As part of our #UnlockYourDreamHome campaign, we want to help you fall in love with your home again. When you swing open that front door in the evening, we want you to step into your very own stylish, refreshing retreat. But don’t worry – you don’t need to give your home an expensive overhaul. You don’t need to undertake a costly decorating project.  All you need is to make a few simple updates around your home, to help bring a fresh new lease of life into your interiors.

pizzazz recycled glass mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles, believe it or not, are perfect for these quick and simple updates. They’re compact, they’re easy to work with, they’re incredibly affordable, extremely stylish, and there are hundreds of different shapes, colours, finishes and textures to choose from. You can use mosaics to revive a dull wall space, or to accessorize furniture around your home – giving certain areas that much-needed change in appearance.

Create an accent wall

If the décor in your bathroom is terribly pale and plain, you can use coloured mosaic tiles to create an accent wall. This will then act as a focal point, and will inject some interest into the room. For best results, use a mosaic that contains a mix of different tones, such as these Green Mosaic Tiles.

Mosaic tile accent wall

Update a coffee table

If you have a coffee table, it will often dominate the living room, and will be one of the first things you see as you walk into the room. It’s important therefore to make sure that it isn’t dull – that it has some interested. If yours requires a bit of jazzing up, then you only need remove the plain glass face and install some mosaic tiles, instead. Iridescent Mosaic Tiles will add an interesting glimmer, guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests as they enter your lounge.

mosaic tile coffee table

Take it to the bedroom

The headboard acts as one of the main focal points in a bedroom. As you step into your sleeping quarters at the end of a pressing day, you eyes are drawn to the headboard. Unfortunately, most headboards are pretty darn boring. They’re usually colossal plain wooden articles that take up half your wall. They could certainly be improved with the introduction of some mosaic tiles. Choose a colour that matches your accessories for a scheme that ties the room together nicely. These Micro Mosaic Tiles work well and add a cosy warm appearance; just what you need in a bedroom setting.

Revive the shower room

If you’re bored of showering whilst surrounded by plain white tiles, rip them out and apply some exciting mosaic tiles instead. Tiling the shower area in coloured mosaics, whilst leaving the rest of the walls white, helps to separate the wet room area, giving it an identity of its own. If you’d like to tie it in with the rest of the bathroom, create a small mosaic splashback above the bathroom sink, using the same mosaics. A soothing mix of pale greys, these Smoke Grey Mosaic Tiles are ideal for reviving a wet room area.

Mosaic tiles in shower

Create a mosaic tile splashback

Time for a refreshed, rejuvenated look in your kitchen? Create a new kitchen splashback. A splashback is a surface that stands behind a cooker or sink. It’s a surface that is easily wipeable. Its purpose is to catch any specks of fat that might spray up from the frying pan, or any droplets of water that might splash up from the sink. A splashback basically protects your walls. It’s a very practical thing. But it can also be a great focal point, and is often the first thing you and your guests will see on entering your kitchen area. Mosaics make for great splashbacks; adding a compact, timeless feel. The gorgeous Hexagon Tiles shown below are perfect for the eco-conscious – they’re made from 98% recycled glass.

patchwork mosaic tiles

Let it go over your head

Just when you thought there was nowhere else a mosaic tile could improve, think again! The ceiling is certainly an area that can be vastly improved with the addition of some mosaics. The entrance hallway is a great place to tile a ceiling. For best results, use a shimmering tile, to help reflect the light, and to assure the overhead display catches the eyes of the guests that pass beneath it. Mother of pearl tiles work best, as they have a glistening iridescent sheen. Make sure you choose a light colour, or else the room will feel a lot shorter than it did before. For a glistening, textured approach, try using our Mosaic Tiles. They’re part of the Louisa Charlotte Collection; a selection of designer tiles exclusive to Walls and Floors. When you turn the ceiling light on, the glow will bring out all the texture and detail on the miniature tile surfaces.

We hope we’ve shown you some ways in which you can refresh your interiors with the use of mosaic tiles. You can use them to: create a colourful accent wall in your bathroom; piece together an exciting new kitchen splashback; add interest to your ceiling spaces; rejuvenate a wet room or shower area; revive an old wooden coffee table; and add new life to a dull bedroom headboard!

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