Retro is back in and the vintage look is more popular than ever before. And now your home can be bang on trend as well with some Victorian tiles.


victorian tiles downton abbey

Above: Victorian Unglazed Hexagon Tiles


Victorian Tiles

Victorian tiles have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few years, as homeowners seek to recreate the authentic look for their hallways, porches, kitchens and bathrooms.

As shows like Downton Abbey and Upstairs Downstairs experience success and widespread appeal, many viewers wish to recreate the look of the period properties

You can recreate the 19th century look for your home with our huge range of Victorian tiles. Create your own variation of Victorian and Edwardian patterns and geometric prints from our collection of over 40 ranges and 100+ floor design options.

Ornate, grand and sophisticated, you can use Victorian tiles to restore an original Victorian floor to its formal glory or copy the Downton Abbey look and create a nostalgic Victorian floor for your home.

Celebrate Britain’s heritage and get that Victorian look for your property. Lorraine was one of the people who purchased Ennerdale 70 Victorian tiles with Walls and Floors recently, saying:

“Ordered some Olde Victorian tiles. Great customer service as had a couple of queries. Very helpful, professional and good value. One to recommend.”

If you want to embrace the retro look and go Victorian, here are our top three tiles we recommend:


Our top Victorian tiles:


1) Gosford Tiles

A timeless range of geometric design Victorian floor tiles, this clay tile epitomises the Victorian era, as well as being extremely durable and suitable for heavy traffic. Visit the range.


gosford tiles Victorian tiles


2) Ornato Bella Tiles

These ornate pattern tiles are perfect for creating a charming statement floor in a bathroom, hallway, living area or kitchen. Visit the range.


bella ornato tiles


3) Barton 100 Tiles

With Victorian tiles, it’s all about the detail and these tiles have it! Made from durable clay, they can be used inside the home, or outside to create a period garden path; something that will really up the kerb appeal! Visit the range.


barton tiles Victorian


There you have it - a brief look at our period collection, which is perfect for creating that Downton Abbey look!



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