Dream Colour scheme


When winter arrives and the temperature plummets, and rain is pattering against the window all day long, with leaves blowing by on the howling wind, we Brits love to hide ourselves away in our homes and feel all cosy. We crank up the fire. We wrap ourselves in blankets, and huddle up on the sofa, watching TV. We wrap our hands around a mug of steaming soup or hot chocolate. But it can be hard to feel truly cosy if our surroundings aren't quite right. For example, if we're sitting in a room with white walls and a pale floor, the room can feel quite wintry itself - not very snug at all. Fear not - we've put together a brand new Dream Colour Scheme to help you create a warm, cosy look in your interiors. It's name? Cinnamon and Cider. It's a mix of creams, beiges, oranges and browns, and it's perfect for adding some richness and warmth to your walls and floors this season!


Your paint palette

Although we have a particular proclivity towards tiles, we know that you can't tile everywhere. You can't tile a door for example. No - some spaces will require a spot of good, old-fashioned paint. To help you stick to our scheme, we've chosen four paint shades you should consider investing in: Whipped Cream, Autumn Fern, Honey Drizzle and Roasted Pumpkin.


Cinammon and cider colour palette


Beige Relic Stone Effect Tiles

When it comes to creating a soothing ambience in your home (which is certainly needed to help create a cosy appearance), the natural look is a great look to turn to. The textured, mottled appearance of natural stone helps us to feel closer to nature and, thus, more at ease. However, natural stone can be problematic in that it requires a lot of treatment and maintenance. Enter stone effect tiles. Over the last few years, advancements in tile printing have led to an array of realistic stone effect designs; such as these Beige Stone Effect Tiles. They're perfect for creating a traditional, rustic base for your scheme, and go fantastically with wood-cladded walls. Like the word 'JOY hanging on the wall? It's made from our Cream Scrabble Tiles, and is great for injecting some festive charm into your room.


Beige stone effect tiles

Beige Stone Effect Tiles


Honey Wood Effects and Rustic Metro Tiles

Stone isn't the only material that helps you create a homely, natural appearance. Wood does, too - it helps to create a traditional cottage-esque look; synonymous with feeling cosy at Christmas. And, again, whilst wood requires a certain level of treatment and maintenance (and scratches / stains as easy as pie), there are realistic tiling alternatives available - such as the Honey Wood Effect Tiles below. Rich brown in colour, their mix of shades helps to add character and interest into a floor space. On the wall? The equally characterful Cream Rustic Metro Tiles. With their bumpy, textured appearance, they're ideal for creating an aged, vintage appearance.


rustic metro tiles


honey wood effect tiles


Larice Vintage Wood Plank Tiles

Another stylish and lifelike wood effect tile, our Larice Vintage Wood Plank Tile is ideal for creating a warm base in the room you're decorating. Alive with wood grain and knots, it belongs to our selection of Vintage Wood Plank Tiles, which are part of our exclusive designer Louisa Charlotte range. They go perfectly with the orange hue from this palette; as demonstrated by the chairs in the room below. They have an anti slip finish, meaning they can be used in rooms with slippery floors; such as the bathroom or en suite. It really is an all-rounder.


larice wood effect tiles

Larice wood effect tiles


So there you have it - some ideas for creating a cosy nook you can hibernate in throughout winter. Best of all, it's a scheme that is enhanced with the twinkling glow of Christmas decorations!



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