Dream Colour Scheme: Day Dream

colour scheme vintage grey hexagon tiles

Colour Palette: Day Dream

This season, unlock your dream home with Day Dream! It’s an elegant colour scheme that not only creates light and space making a room appear larger than it is, but also a serene, calming atmosphere for you to relax in. The warm undertones found in this colour palette allow for an all-round soft appearance, giving a great base to your favourite accessories.

colour schene paint shades

Elicit Stone Effect Tiles

Our collection of stylish stone effect Elicit Tiles are ideal for inviting this soft, soothing scheme into your interiors. They’re suitable for use on both wall and floor spaces; allowing you to transform a room from top to bottom. Don’t be afraid to decorate a kitchen bar, as shown below.

elicit stone effect tiles kitchen

beige stone effect tiles

Vintage Wood Planks

Our selection of realistic Vintage Wood Plank Tiles come in various shades of grey and white; similar in shade to Moon Shimmer and Just Walnut. There are also anti-slip finishes available; making them ideal for use in a bathroom area. Create an authentic wood effect floor, or apply to the wall as decorative panelling.

vintage wood effect tiles antlers dining room


grey wood effect tiles

Rokkakkei Hexagon Tiles

Introduce some six-sided style to your home with these trendy Rokkakkei Hexagon Tiles. They consist of various finishes, textures and patterns; allowing you to create a varied patchwork. They come in a delightful mixture of soft, natural, neutral colours.

stylish hexagon tiles

grey hexagon tiles and wood effect

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