Dream Colour Scheme: Malt and Milk

wood effect tiles living room

When it comes to decorating, colour is very important. A well-chosen colour scheme can help to create certain moods among you and your guests. To help you #UnlockYourDreamHome this season, we’re putting together Dream Colour Schemes, to help you achieve that perfect ambience in your bathroom, kitchen, dining area, living room or hallway. When it comes to decorating your home, you want to choose colours that will help you to relax and unwind. That’s why Malt and Milk – our latest colour scheme – is a great choice. The mix of light creams provides a warm, natural base, which you can break up with the introduction of darker browns.

Your paint palette

Along with fantastic wall and floor coverings and accessories, you may like to apply some paint to certain areas, to help enforce the scheme and tie the room together. Use the following tones.

paint types colour scheme

Vintage wood effect tiles

Break up a light cream surround with golden, buttery picture frames, curtains and table-top accessories. Anchor the room by adding a dark brown flooring, in the form of wood effect tiles. If you want to break away from traditional wood effect planks, try these Vintage Wood Tiles from the Louisa Charlotte Collection. With a crate design, they’re perfect for piecing together a parquet effect floor area, and help add an elegant, opulent touch to a sitting area or bedroom.

vintage wood effect tiles

vintage wood effect tiles

Dolomite Mosaic Tiles

This scheme is also adaptable for the kitchen. Use our light cream Dolomite Mosaic Tiles to create a striking kitchen splashback. A major interior design trend right now is the idea of breaking away from plain glass splashbacks, and piecing together interesting tiled displays. Don’t know what a splashback is? Find out here: What is a splashback?

Our Lounge Beige Tiles have been used on the floor to create a natural, neutral base. Introduce a golden colour in the form of woody accessories – chopping boards, etc. And then break up the light space with some warm brown surfaces. Here, dark brown faux flowers have been placed in a pot on the breakfast island.

mosaic tiles kitchen splashback

beige mosaic tiles wall

Contempo Wood Effect Tiles

A light gold in colour, our Contempo Wood Effect Tiles create a fantastic base, when inviting this colour scheme into an interior setting. Below, they have been used in an open-plan apartment, and tie together the sitting room with the dining area on the far right-hand side. The walls and sofa are both a light cream colour. The picture frame is a rich golden colour, and the dark brown has been introduced in the form of a trinket box that sits on the shelf.

Top tip: Don’t want your furniture to seem too clumpy or invasive? Make them the same colour as your wall, and they’ll merge into the background!

lounge wood effect tiles floor

light wood effect tiles

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for your decorating project! For more stylish colour palettes, click here: Dream Colour Schemes.



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