Dream Colour Scheme: Ooze

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Throughout the coming months, here at Walls and Floors, we’re going to help you #UnlockYourDreamHome by introducing you to different decorating ideas, that you can adapt to the various rooms throughout your house. As part of this, we’re creating different Dream Colour Schemes for you to bring into your interiors. Allow us to introduce you to the latest colour scheme, ooze. Keeping an overall neutral colour theme, a bright sunshine hue is woven into the scheme through pops of colour; adding not only a joyful, playful element but also creating a bold style statement against the timeless earthy tones, which are there to keep the theme grounded.

Your Paint Palette

When it comes to introducing colours to areas you don’t want to tile, these are the paint shades you’ll need to keep within the confines of this playful colour palette.

paint palette colour scheme

Metalico Textured Wall Tiles

A major interior design trend we’re noticing is the introduction of earthy metals, such as copper and bronze. One way to invite the appearance of these metals into your home is to use our Metalico Tiles. They have a shimmering bronze effect, and a textured surface – ideal for adding charm and character to a wall space. Introduce plenty of lighting, to make the surfaces come to life! On the floor, go for a dark look. Our Vintage Wood Tiles are perfect for that. They have a striking parquet effect design. Introduce that colour pop of sunshine into your room by choosing a yellow sofa cover, a yellow light shade, and a yellow rug.

metalico wall tiles

metalico copper bronze tiles

Soil Tiles: For an Earthy Floor

Another way to achieve a warm, atmospheric floor area is to use our Soil Tiles. Dark brown in colour, they have a varied, blended design. Part of our Coimbra Tile range, they come in square and rectangular formats, and are perfect for piecing together a floor space that’s full of character. To add that sunny splash to a kitchen area, buy some yellow glasses from IKEA, and some yellow cupboard doors!

brown floor tiles

stone effect floor tiles in brown

Gorgon Stone Effect Tiles

When it comes to interior textures in 2015, it’s all about the natural look – wood effects and stone effects. Speaking of the latter, our Gorgon Stone Effect Tiles are ideal for creating a neutral, natural base to which you can your splashes of radiant yellow! Below, the walls have been painted a rich brown, and on the floor a square of solid Gorgon Tiles has been framed by the mosaics from the same range. Yellow has been added in the form of a cushion, a throw, and a plain painted canvas on the wall.

stone mosaic tiles floor

gorgeon stone effect floor tiles

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  • Becca M
    Becca M on March 13, 2015 at 2:08 pm
    Love the pop of yellow :) Put some sunshine in my home!
  • L Sweeney
    L Sweeney on March 26, 2015 at 7:03 pm
    These metallic tiles are nice. Might order for lounge. Husband needs to get his wallet out!

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