We know it can be a daunting task - choosing a colour scheme for your decorating project. You're choosing colours you'll have to live with (and your guests will have to live with, too). That's why, to make it a little easier for you, we've consulted with our interior stylist to bring you a series of Dream Colour Schemes. This is the latest addition. It's called 'Serene Glebe'. It combines a mix of mutual seasonal shades; reminiscent of mossy pastures and hazy midsummer haze; ideal for adding a calming ambience into an interior area.


Your paint palette

Although tiles are a great, affordable, long-lasting way to introduce blocks of colour into an interior setting, there will be certain areas you'd rather paint - such as the stretch of wall that meets the ceiling. For these areas, we've put together this paint palette. It will also come in handy when choosing your accessories.




Laura Ashley Cottonwood Tiles

From Laura Ashley, one of the nation's best-loved design brands, comes this stunning collection of Cottonwood wall tiles. Fresh and bright in colour, they'll add instant refreshment to any wall space throughout the house. They have a glossy floral design, printed onto a matt background - perfect for adding definition into vast wall spaces. In bright, well-lit areas, the floral patterns will shimmer; adding a magical decorative look.


Creating a white backdrop in a room is an age-old interior design trick. Character is added through the use of coloured accessories in the foreground - and it's through these accessories that you build your colour scheme. For example, in the bathroom below, towels, shelving and flowers have been used to inject the greens and browns demanded by Serene Glebe. But the beauty of a white background is that white goes with anything - so if you fancy a change, it's simply a case of clearing out your accessories and replacing them with different colours. The tiled part - the part that's hardest to change - can remain the same.





Cross Cut River Tiles

Moving away from the white-washed look, natural surfaces also make for a fantastic base to a room. Our stone effect Cross Cut River Tiles are alive with a variety of striking, earthy, natural shades - ideal for introducing that sought after natural look into an interior setting. Stone effects and wood effects help us feel closer to nature in our homes - and thus, more relaxed and at ease. Warm, chalky cream hues have been painted onto the walls in the living room below - and they also appear in the cushion selection. Greens have been added in the form of the decorative poof to the right, the centre cushion, and the folded blanket beneath the coffee table. Dark brown had been introduced predominantly in the photo frames on the wall, and also in the jug on the coffee table, and the table itself.





Belleza Tiles

Hexagons and octagons are prominent shapes in the world of interior styling. But now, a new shape is emerging; provenzale. This Moroccan / Marrakech-themed shape is featured heavily in Mediterranean / Arabesque design. Commonly called the 'lantern shape,' it consists of obscure curved and angled pieces that inter-lock together to create an almost reptilian skin - and it's incredibly decorative. Our Belleza Tile range offers a selection of striking provenzale shape designs; one of which is a fresh cream colour, with a soft wood effect pattern. It's ideal for creating a rich, warm backdrop to which you can add a mixture of poofs, cushions and canvasses to help enforce your scheme, as shown below.





What did you think of this colour scheme? If it's not for you, for more palette ideas, visit our selection of Dream Colour Schemes.



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