Emma Morton-Turner, Inside Stylists: Talking Design

Emma Morton Turner Interior Joyrnalist

We recently spoke to interiors expert Emma Morton-Turner, founder of InsideStylists.com, about her start in interior design, her trend predictions and more!

How did you get started in interior design?

It all started with Tassels. I was obsessed with making them and I would make cushions just so I could add tassels to the corners. Then I added them to curtains and then I started doing upholstery. At the time I was working at IPC Media in the sales department selling classified ads on the boating titles. I hated it.

Being at a magazine publishers I soon discovered there was a job called interior styling (something I didn’t even know existed till then) It was right up my street. I got myself a loan from the bank and did seven months work experience on magazines till I landed my first role as the interiors assistant on Homes and Ideas magazine. During the interview I was asked what I was into and said about the tassels. It was meant to be.

From there I went on to work on Woman and Home where I was the Home editor for five years. After that I went freelance and founded InsideStylists.com – the website that’s all about promoting interiors.

What’s your favourite design trend right now?

Ooooh that’s a tricky one! I’m an industrial vintage kinda girl at heart but I do love the trends as they come through. It’s so important to have your own style and love your home and not get too hung up on a trend. Having said that I do love a dark room and the animal prints that are big right now.

They’re easy to incorporate into a home without completely redecorating. I’m also loving metallics. A touch of gold goes a long way to giving a room a lift without being a slave to a trend. I don’t think the greenery trends is going anywhere soon and I have to say I have a lot more plants in my home than ever before – and they’re still alive!

Above: Black Veined Polished Marble Tiles

Describe your personal style

I’m all about dark walls and gnarly old wood. I love old, vintage furniture and like nothing better than taking an old mahogany piece of furniture and giving it the ‘Annie Sloan chalk paint effect’ so it looks much older and much more colourful than it did to start with.

In my head I’m minimalistic but in reality I’m a collector! I’m always at boot sales and reclamation yards looking for one off pieces to add to my home that give it that little edge. I like my home to be full of one offs that no one else has, but doesn’t everyone?

What’s your number one tip when it comes to starting a new decorating project?

Start with the pattern. Once you know where the pattern will be you can plan around that – whether it’s a rug, curtains or a sofa. Choose colours from the pattern and use no more than three – or at a push four – colours in one room. I’m a big fan of mood boards so you can see a room come together and plan accordingly.

What are your trend predictions for next year?

It’s all about maximalism and heritage. Many companies are choosing to look back through their archives and give new designs a modern twist by using patterns from many years ago.

As they say what goes around comes around. Dark colours mixed with golds are still big and layering up displays is a big trends for next year. More is more for the maximal look.

Do you have a favourite design show?

No, it’s all about finding new designs or products and seeing newness. As long as the shows have that I’m happy. 100% design and Chelsea Harbour design week would probably be near the top though. And Clerkenwell design week is always great for finding new designers.

Above: Candy Pink Tiles

What’s your favourite range from Walls and Floors, and why?

I’m at the beginning stages of renovating our family bathroom – which is mainly used by my two teenage daughters. As soon as I saw the long, thin, wood effect of the Nyan range I knew they were the floor tile for me (or them!)

It’s been a struggle to find a design that I want in my home that
the daughterlings like too but these hit the nail on the head. We’re going to lay them in a thin herringbone design which will tick the modern look that they want with the style I want. They also come in plenty of colours to choose from. As much as I loved the candy pink it’s the Indigo blue we
all agree on. Bingo!

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To here more from Emma, visit her website:  InsideStylists.com